Coronis Health, FQHC & CHC

FQHC Collections and Denial Management

Most billing companies just submit claims. Coronis Health's process allows us to identify and correct the root cause of denials, resulting in increased revenue for your CHC or FQHC

Our proprietary medical billing and coding denial management software is designed to track claim status and allows us to improve your first-pass rate significantly. By identifying these medical billing trends, future denials are stopped before they can happen again, allowing your FQHC to collect fair payment for services provided. Our medical billing software works independent of your practice management (PM) system, meaning there is no need to change your current PM system. Coronis Health is well versed in many of the top PM systems.

Coronis Health Health’s caring approach to collection gets results. We ensure your collections are easy to manage and denials are kept to a minimum.

High Deductible Plans 

Self-pay patients and high deductible plans are on the rise. Centers often struggle to manage patient collections. Insurance plans can also be overwhelming to patients, so our experts are committed to educating them on their coverage and financial obligation.

Staffing Shortage

The time-consuming nature of patient collections can be a heavy burden on your center. Most do not have the internal resources to handle patient collections. In addition, most facilities see poor collection rates when they manage collections internally.

Collection Agency

Patient collections can be challenging for centers to handle themselves. They often outsource to collection agencies because they lack the bandwidth to handle collections internally. Unfortunately, patients often complain about harassment from the outsourced agency, which reflects poorly on your center. As a result, centers may lose patients.

Denial Management

Denials can significantly impact your revenue flow. Coronis Health deconstructs denials and appeals to help your facility discover better denial management workflows with services like:

Coronis Health works with you to create a process for collecting at the front and back end of the revenue cycle, equipping your staff to take care of collections successfully. Let Coronis Health Health help you increase your patient collections and eliminate the time-consuming task of following up.