Coronis Health, FQHC & CHC

FQHC Account Management, Financial Analysis & Reporting

Your practice management systems contain valuable data but do your current revenue cycle reporting options really work for your facility?

U.S. hospitals and physician groups today face numerous obstacles in their efforts to control operating costs while providing high quality care to the patient populations they serve. Unfortunately, many healthcare providers do not have access to the expertise necessary to maximize the RCM process.

Make Decisions Based on Reliable Data

We believe FQHCs and other facilities should be using data to make important decisions, from assessment of day-to-day training needs or reducing denials, to sophisticated analysis.

Coronis utilizes a SWOT analysis technique to achieve strategic success for our clients. Top-level staff regularly meet with our clients to dive into relevant information and decide on the best course of action to rectify the concern at the FQHC. Data-driven planning allows us to build a custom set of KPIs that will reflect the growth plan for your FQHC.

Clarity and Insight to Grow Your Center

Coronis’s revenue cycle reporting packages allow facility executives to see their revenue cycle with enhanced clarity and insight.

As billing systems vary in the sophistication and level of data tracked and do not produce this information in similar formats, Coronis Health takes these stock reports and develops hybrid reporting options that work for your center. The end result is a seamless delivery of information.

Coronis Health is always innovating and adding additional options as new requirements like healthcare reform, managed Medicaid, Medicare PPS and ICD-10 evolve.

How to Use Financial Reports & Analytics to Drive Operational Change Within Your FQHC

Expertise and Experience. Passed Down to You

Coronis Health works extensively with FQHCs so we understand your world. We recognize what makes billing and reimbursement for community health centers unique (e.g. sliding fee scales, cost-based reimbursement, encounter rates, wrap payments, PPS Medicare reimbursement, etc.). Coronis’s clients also have the unique advantage of our extensive FQHC only reporting and benchmarking against FQHC peers. With over 2 million FQHC encounters processed annually, Coronis’s reporting and benchmarking allow FQHC Administrators and Board Members to clearly see strengths and future revenues opportunities.