Coronis Health, Emergency Medical Services

Scanning and Archiving

Electronic health records (EHRs) help you provide your patients with the highest level of care while increasing your practice’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Coronis Health’s scanning services enable medical offices to convert their medical records to digital media, meeting today’s medical community’s demands. EHRs can then be archived for safe-keeping and long-term retention. Once Coronis has archived your client’s medical records, you can access them at any time. Our tailored solutions are designed to work with your practice seamlessly for greater productivity and efficiency. 

What an efficient EHR component can do for your patients and your practice:  

Our experts will give you the tools necessary to scan all of your medical records and archive them into easy-to-retrieve files for long-term retention. Our high-touch approach ensures you have all the support needed to convert your records successfully. Let Coronis help you take your practice to the next level of efficiency.