Coronis Health, Emergency Medical Services

Medical Coding

With extensive experience providing coding services to EMS, our team of certified coders will help you get your coding right the first time. 

Coronis Health’s Coding Services provide temporary, long term, or complete coding department outsourcing solutions for all account types and reimbursement methodologies. We offer flexible remote coding solutions specifically designed to fit your needs and your budget. Our expertly trained credentialed coders have vast experience with inpatient, outpatient, clinic, and professional fee coding.

Our professional coding services feature:

With 100+ years of combined experience in coding and a high-touch philosophy for our clients, you can rest assured we will provide you with all the support you need to optimize your billing process for maximum efficiency.

Our certified coders will review every claim before it goes out the door to be in compliance with medical billing guidelines, maximize claim reimbursements, and reduce denials.

Medicare Compliance Training

Coronis Health provides Medicare compliance training to all clients’ administrative and field personnel. This includes medical necessity, documentation, HIPAA, ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notification) requirements, and OIG (Office of Inspector General) compliance to help your staff remain compliant.

RAC Audit Services

The Coronis Health team uses a multilayered service to identify potential exposure to repayment liabilities under Medicare’s Recovery Audit ContRACtor Program. Our strategy involves:

We can conduct a comprehensive Medicare RAC review simulation of ambulance claims and medical records to identify potential issues as identified by the current RAC efforts. During the RAC demonstration period, recoupments fall into the following three main categories: