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EMS Revenue Cycle Management

With industry-leading technology and high-touch relationship building, Coronis Health allows emergency medical services (EMS) facilities to prioritize patient care and cultivate financial success by looking at every portion of the billing process as an opportunity to increase revenue and correct the root cause of billing issues.

We tailor EMS medical billing solutions to every client for complete revenue cycle management (RCM) services. As leaders in RCM, Coronis Health goes beyond your expectations with the latest technology, forward-thinking strategies, and robust business intelligence to provide services that optimize your revenue cycle. 

Are you ready to partner with a revenue cycle team that’s focused on your success?

Revenue Cycle Solutions for EMS

EMS services are at the core of medical emergencies and overall public safety and care. Coronis Health’s extensive healthcare industry experience allows us to execute efficient billing and collection strategies that enable you to provide emergency care that can make a life-saving difference. 

Coronis provides the following services to help optimize your revenue cycle:

  • Accurate EMS billing and coding services tailored specifically for your facility
  • Delinquent accounts collections to help reduce non-billables
  • Follow-up procedures to improve overall collection performance and increase funding for continued emergency response
  • Training staff to ensure you have the knowledge necessary to assist with maximum revenue recovery from a field perspective
  • Audit services to identify specific processes and find solutions for decreasing write-offs and increasing revenue
  • Patient services that involve the implementation of the best payment plans to meet patient needs and the department’s criteria
  • Customized reporting that allows you to view your financial reports whenever you want
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EMS Coding Compliance and Auditing Services

Coronis Health offers coding compliance and auditing services to manage your current coding and documentation practices. 

Along with managing your current documentation practices, our expert team delivers unmatched EMS medical coding accuracy and proper documentation for your facility. Our team can assist you in identifying documentation errors or insufficiencies and offer you recommendations on how to improve and correct clinical documentation to support your hard work and preserve your facility’s livelihood.

Outsourcing Your EMS RCM

Partnering with an experienced RCM vendor helps mitigate the risk of overburdening your staff and impeding cash flow.

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If you don’t have the manpower and resources to effectively handle billing, coding, and staffing, outsourcing is the best solution. When outsourcing the revenue cycle, you eliminate the headache of training staff with billing software and procedures and keeping track of the ever-changing rules and regulations. Most importantly, you save valuable budget dollars by outsourcing these functions.

Why Choose Coronis Health for Your EMS Revenue Cycle Management?

Coronis Health offers specialized solutions with global capabilities for EMS facilities. Our expertise in various specialties allows our team to support the scalability of your facility with full transparency. We help your business run like a well-oiled machine by handling the challenges involved in the revenue cycle while increasing collections and lowering risk. 

We meticulously execute billing, coding, denial management, and other RCM processes because we understand how attaining EMS RCM improvements on your own can be a slow and often fruitless process. 

With a forward-thinking approach to today’s RCM challenges, we strive to give clients a competitive advantage in the current climate. The extended solutions from Coronis allow you to achieve that competitive advantage swiftly.

Coronis becomes an extension of your business, supporting you in critical RCM events to increase cash flow and reduce administrative costs.

How Partnering With Us Can Reduce Lost Revenue

At Coronis Health, we aim to improve the landscape of software development by providing automated solutions necessary to succeed. 

We employ a multifaceted approach to revenue cycle management software solutions to drastically improve A/R management processes and performance while stopping the inflow of new unpaid claims. 

Our best of the best in medical billing join forces to help increase your collections, track down lost revenue, and lower your A/R. Our team collects every last dollar, even if your initial claim is denied. Whether we need to submit a corrected claim or file a full appeal, we make it our mission to get you paid. As our partner, you don’t just remain financially independent but also grow.

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With over three decades of experience providing EMS revenue cycle and financial consulting services to the ambulance industry, we are the industry experts in ambulance billing and EMS collections, offering a wide scope of services, such as EMS business management, ongoing financial performance analysis, and A/R management.

We find missing revenue in 95% of our financial health check-ups and are confident we can maximize yours. Contact Coronis Health to request a free financial check-up today.