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EMS Collections

Coronis Health's caring approach to collections gets results for our clients. We ensure your collections process is simple to manage and help you keep denials to a minimum.

As a successful medical billing service, you need a tool that can help you pursue and effectively resolve 100% of insurance claims – at a minimal cost to your doctor clients. Coronis Health’s collection services deal with both insurance companies and patients. We designed this critical service to help you generate additional revenue for your business with minimum effort on your part.

Collection Services for EMS Providers

Emergency medical services are a vital component of overall public safety and care. At Coronis Health, our extensive experience working in the healthcare industry has allowed us to execute effective billing and collection strategies, allowing our partners to continue providing emergency care that often makes a lifesaving difference. Specifically, Coronis provides the following services:

  • Delinquent accounts collection – we locate and contact patients that have not provided or updated their contact information. This includes reaching out to the responsible parties of delinquent accounts to help reduce non-billables.
  • Follow-up procedures – we consistently follow up with Medicare and other insurance providers to improve overall collection performance. A more efficient collection process will help increase funding that allows for continued emergency response. We will also review accounts deemed uncollectible and analyze them to recognize opportunities.
  • Billing – our customized billing services have been tailored specifically for emergency medical service providers.  
  • Training – we provide several training programs to your staff to ensure your providers have the knowledge necessary to assist with maximum revenue recovery from a field perspective.
  • Audit Services – we help identify specific processes to decrease write-offs and increase revenue.
  • Patient Services – we have a proven track record of designing the best payment plans to meet patient needs and department’s criteria.
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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Ambulance Medical Billing & Collections

All the back-end work required for EMS – whether it’s logistics, reporting, medical billing, or collections – is just as crucial as any emergency service itself. Building a solid financial foundation for EMS services will allow you to focus more on the operations instead of the revenue cycle process. If you’d like to have a well-run EMS department, be on top of tasks such as invoicing, billing, and collecting, and still have enough resources to perform your lifesaving work, consider upgrading your system by outsourcing your ambulance billing and collections. Benefits include:

Reduce Non-Billables

A disordered financial system will make it more challenging for your accounting department to manage your resources and resolve payment issues for outstanding cases. This may lead to a significant number of patient accounts becoming classified as non-billable. Organization is key, and one of the best ways to create a streamlined operation is through EMS billing management software. 

At Coronis Health, we are fully integrated with the latest software, which can handle all billing operations –from data entry and prior authorization to claims submission and follow-up. More importantly, information collected from patients is directly stored in the system. This means easy access and improved accuracy of patient information, thereby avoiding delays in invoicing and helping to reduce non-billables.

Increase Your Collections Rate 

While it’s true that payments and reimbursements take time to be fully paid, you should never reach a point where the rate of your account receivables (A/R) is so high that you constantly find your facility in the red. By outsourcing and integrating EMS billing software, you and your staff see the “big picture” of your cash flow management in real-time instead of relying on monthly reports. Having a partner will also help you develop and implement billing and collection strategies that are designed to minimize outstanding A/R, reduce denials, and optimize collection results.

Coronis Health’s focus on financial independence and innovative use of technology saves you money by outsourcing all billing and coding. But we do so much more. Our top revenue cycle management can help you find lost revenue, lower your time in A/R, close aged payments, and handle collections efficiently. We understand how an organized, streamlined process can help maximize the resolution in an A/R system’s timeliness. Our software, business intelligence, and tailored solutions are all geared toward a distinctive operating partnership and an aligned financial relationship, coupled with leading-edge resource and technology positioning. We can provide solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency, timeliness, and profitability.

Focus on Your Commitment to Saving Lives

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While EMS services are at the core of every medical emergency, ambulance billing is the operation’s lifeblood. Without billing, reimbursement would be impossible. And without proper payments, there will be no staff –and no staff means no personnel to handle ambulance transports. Poor collections and low funding cripple your system, making it difficult for you to operate and save lives on a daily basis. By allowing the experts to handle all billing and collection tasks, you can better focus on what you were trained to do.

At Coronis Health, we recognize the need for your services and respect your roles as frontliners. While you are committed to saving lives, we are committed to protecting the resources that allow you to do what you do best.

Why Choose Coronis Health?

Coronis Health offers 100+ years of combined experience in the billing and collections industry. We provide global resources for local solutions to ensure your collections system works for your practice, payers, and patients. 

Coronis Health helps you create a process for collecting at both ends of the revenue cycle and equips staff to take care of collections more efficiently. Let Coronis Health help you increase your patient collections and eliminate the time-consuming task of following up. Contact us and schedule your free financial checkup.