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About CRT

CRT Medical Systems is a homegrown Michigan-based revenue cycle management company. It was founded in Detroit over thirty-seven years ago in 1981 by its current president, David Doyle. Upon graduation, David began his career as a software developer. After a few years of working in the IT industry, he discovered a deficiency within healthcare. This deficiency was the lack of efficient software and technology. From there he embarked on a project to develop a medical billing platform for laboratories, this project soon leads him down a new path. Upon completion of the platform, CRT soon becomes the very first company to offer billing software time sharing services via a modem in 1985.  Moving into the early 90’s he began noticing a new problem within healthcare, doctors were spending almost as much time on administrative tasks as they were on the clinical ones.

From that point forward, CRT was no longer a software vendor. David now envisioned something else for CRT, that new vision was a company centered around one simple concept, to help doctors be doctors. This idea, along with our business, has grown and flourished over the past nearly four decades and this concept has become the foundation of our company. Throughout the years David and his team at CRT have been aggressively adapting with the everchanging healthcare landscape; and this adaptation has allowed us to learn what works and what doesn’t. Ever since its inception, CRT has been thinking outside the box and redefining what revenue cycle management really means. Let us show you what it’s like to work with revenue cycle experts, so you can get back to doing what you do best, being a doctor.


Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
Clinical Labs
Physical Therapy

CRT Leadership

David Doyle

President, CRT

Vincent Azzopardi

Posting Department Manager, CRT

Alex Ramos

Director of Client Services, CRT

Karen Metzler

Vice President of Billing Services, CRT

Eric Moler

Director of IT, CRT

Melody Jajou

Billing Manager, CRT

Raymond Deming

General Operations Manager, CRT

Conner Doyle

Director of Business Operations, CRT