Credentialing is a tedious and time consuming task. It takes diligence to ensure providers are credentialed properly and in a timely manner.

Practice Growth

Our practice is growing aggressively.

Aggressive growth is exciting for practices. However keeping up with credentialing new providers can be incredibly challenging. Credentialing takes a lot legwork and can take your staff's time away from more important work.

Lack of Internal Resources

My staff is stretched thin and do not have the bandwidth to stay on top of credentialing.

As you know, credentialing is incredibly time consuming. It often takes multiple calls to payers and resources to stay on top of all the paperwork. Many practices are already running very lean when it comes to billing staff. Taking an employee away from another billing task can impact your revenue cycle.

If your practice is experiencing any of these challenges, let's start a conversation.

Coronis has two credentialing services options. We can assist as needed or on an ongoing basis to ensure a seamless process when new providers join your practice. Our revenue cycle management clients receive credentialing with their service. Don't risk losing revenue or patients because of credentialing. Let Coronis Health help.


Why Coronis Health?

Healthcare providers have many choices when it comes to revenue cycle partners. Why Coronis? It's simple. Our deep specialty expertise, pure performance and transparency. Above all else Coronis Health keeps you at the center of our business. We strive every day to make our client's lives easier by eliminating the headaches of revenue cycle, increasing collections and lowering risk. Coronis is proud of the strong relationships we've built with our clients. When they call, Coronis answers.