Contract Negotiation

Negotiating contracts takes a specific skill set. With the constantly changing of government and commercial payer contracts, it's key to know your practice is being reimbursement properly.

Contract Negotiation

I don't have experience negotiating contracts.

For many providers, contract negotiations can be intimidating and timely. Taking time to understand their contracts and how they compare to their peers takes time away from being a doctor. As a result, practices often times practices settle for less than they deserve.

Contract Review

Our practice negotiated our contracts but we have no way to know if we are being reimbursed fairly.

Many practices sign the contracts they are given by the payers. They do not have the resources or time to do the research on what contracts practices in their specialty negotiated. When considering joining a physician network or merging with another practice, it's important to know how that will affect your negotiating power.

If your practice is experiencing any of these challenges, let's start a conversation.

With more than 30 years of revenue cycle experience, Coronis Health understands the intricacies of negotiating government and commercial payer contracts. Whether it's needing someone to negotiate on your behalf or review your existing contracts, Coronis has the expertise to help.


Why Coronis Health?

Healthcare providers have many choices when it comes to revenue cycle partners. Why Coronis? It's simple. Our deep specialty expertise, pure performance and transparency. Above all else Coronis Health keeps you at the center of our business. We strive every day to make our client's lives easier by eliminating the headaches of revenue cycle, increasing collections and lowering risk. Coronis is proud of the strong relationships we've built with our clients. When they call, Coronis answers.