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Why Billers Limit Your Access — And What You Can Do About It

June 16, 2022
Now more than ever, it’s important to work with a biller that has the skill, experience, and data to deliver maximum billing and collections.

Partners don’t keep secrets.

At Coronis Health, we are 100% transparent. Our team offers complete access to our medical billing software. Our clients can view patient statements, reimbursement rates, monthly projections, and more whenever they please. To ensure our clients always have access to up-to-date insights, we publish a comprehensive report each week and a full monthly report every month. 

We even create custom reports for you at no charge — you can see your business from any angle, accurately. If your biller doesn’t offer that same level of transparency, you have reduced visibility into your financial health. Reporting is the lifeblood of your organization, and Coronis Health takes reporting to the next level.

What does your current biller have to hide?

Have you ever wondered why your current biller doesn’t provide weekly or monthly reports to you regarding the status of your billing and collection activity? 

  • Are they hiding something? 
  • Are they burying mistakes? 
  • Are they just lazy? 
  • Are they simply not equipped to collect and present accurate data to you on a regular basis? 
  • And how about benchmarking? 
  • Does your current biller give you detailed reports on authorized days and reimbursement levels that you’ll receive? 
  • Do you know how you’re doing against your competitors and vs. the industry? 
  • Does your current biller train your clinical staff, work to improve your cycle time, and provide insightful guidance on VOBs? 

If the answers are “no” or “I don’t know,” then it’s time to schedule a free financial health assessment with Coronis Health. We’re more than a vendor or billing service — we become your partner. And partners don’t keep secrets.

Let Coronis Health Find Your TRUE Reimbursement Rate

While other billers may give you anecdotal reports based on general information, Coronis Health delivers specific, detailed reports that actually help you manage your day-to-day operations. 

Experience + Persistence + Documentation+Reporting

Those words may sound simple, but they’re words our team lives by. We have extensive relationships with insurers because we are staffed with seasoned licensed clinical and medical professionals with years of experience to facilitate approvals. Moreover, we are on the phone with insurers representing our treatment center clients daily, developing personal contacts with insurance company decision-makers. 

We know better than to accept their first offer as the final answer, and also transition this persuasive but firm approach to collections from patients. Finally, our documentation is bullet-proof, especially if you use Kipu® since we are a Certified Gold Biller. There’s no better way to keep insurers in check than by quickly providing them with full and undeniable backup support. This improves both collection times and collection rates. It’s what we do every day.

Schedule a Free Financial Health Checkup with Coronis Health Today

There are billers, and then there’s Coronis Health. Our team helps managers make better decisions by providing the industry’s most advanced data analytics tools to gather, analyze and utilize huge amounts of information. We’ve built the right technology to not just organize and report data, but understand its deeper meaning and help our clients navigate the convulsive waters of the current billing environment. 

Is your biller full of myths? Maybe it’s time for a better biller.

Contact us today to schedule a free financial health assessment and see how Coronis Health can maximize your revenue.

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