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Top 5 Medical Billing Mistakes – A Self-Assessment Quiz for Medical Providers 

July 10, 2024

Test your knowledge and identify areas for improvement in your medical billing process! Answer yes or no to each question. 

1. Do you ever encounter situations where claims are denied due to typos or missing information in patient demographics or insurance details? 

  • Coronis Can Help: Our team verifies patient information with insurance companies before submitting claims, minimizing errors and denials due to inaccurate demographics or coverage details. 

2. Have you ever been unsure about the correct code to use for a specific service, or had claims rejected due to incorrect coding? 

  • Coronis Can Help: Our medical billing specialists have extensive knowledge and experience with medical coding. They ensure the right codes are used based on the service provided and stay up to date on coding regulation changes to optimize claim acceptance. 

3. Do you sometimes struggle to ensure your medical records have all the necessary documentation to support the services you bill for? 

  • Coronis Can Help: We can review your medical records and identify any missing documentation that could lead to claim denials. We can also work with your staff to develop strategies for ensuring complete and accurate documentation in the future. 

4. Have you ever had claims denied because you were unaware a service required prior authorization, or because the authorization process was not completed properly? 

  • Coronis Can Help: Our team stays informed about insurance requirements and prior authorization needs. We can handle the process of obtaining prior authorization from insurance companies for your services, saving you time and avoiding claim denials. 

5. Do you ever miss deadlines for submitting claims to insurance companies? 

  • Coronis Can Help: We understand the importance of timely claim filing. Our team works efficiently to ensure your claims are submitted within the required timeframe by insurance providers, maximizing reimbursement and minimizing delays. 

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