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Top 10 ways that AI will impact business in the next decade

October 1, 2019

Artificial intelligence already impacts many aspects of our daily lives at work, at home and as we move about. Over the next decade, analyst firm Tractica predicts that annual Global AI enterprise software revenue will grow from $644 million in 2016 to nearly $39 billion by 2025. Services-related revenue should reach almost $150 billion. They report that there are 6 artificial intelligence segments which will account for a significant percentage of these revenues:

1. Machine learning
2. Natural Language Processing and Understanding
3. Computer vision
4. Machine reasoning
5. Strong AI
6. Deep learning

These functional areas are applicable to many use cases, industries, and generate benefits to both businesses and individuals. Here are the top 10 use cases which will reap financial rewards for AI technology product and service companies, and a broad spectrum of benefits for everyone else.

Read more: IBM

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