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Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Your Medical Practice

January 2, 2020

New Year ResolutionsJanuary is always a popular time for making resolutions about health, wellness, and personal habits. But did you know it can also be an optimum moment to make certain changes in your business, too? Here are ten New Year’s resolutions for your medical practice.

#1: Improve Patient Care with a Digital Portal

One easy resolution to incorporate into your medical practice this year is utilizing an online patient portal. Not only does this option help improve patient retention, but it also makes the overall process so much easier for everyone involved. Portals are additionally a great way to save on administrative costs, as they enable your patients the ability to access their own records and schedule appointments without having to call in. It’s really a win for your team and a win for those who trust you with their medical care.

#2: Hire Staff Members That Meet Your Office Culture

Another resolution to consider this year is to hire staff members that meet your office culture. This means taking stock of underperforming team members and possibly making the difficult decision to replace them with individuals who are a better fit. When hiring someone new, look for character traits such as a readiness to be a team player, the ability to go above and beyond, and compassion toward patients. If you aren’t sure what the culture of your practice actually entails, sit down and make a list of attributes that you feel are important.

#3: Lower Your Number of Medical Billing Rejections

Now is a great time to resolve to lower the number of medical billing rejections your practice receives. To do this, pay attention to important details, such as checking and verifying eligibility throughout the care process. Your team should also pay attention to claims throughout the entire processing cycle instead of just at the point of submission. For more tips, click here.

#4: Perform a Medical Audit Internally

You can also make this next year the best yet for your practice by performing a medical audit. What this entails is essentially working with a partner company to determine any areas where your practice is lacking in terms of medical billing and make changes accordingly. In most cases, this allows you to uncover areas where mistakes are being made or where making changes equate to higher revenue. And who doesn’t love bringing more money into the practice?

#5: Update Your Presence on the Web

More than ever before, patients look to the internet to learn more about healthcare providers in their area. That’s why it is so important to spend the first part of the new year updating your presence on the web. For example, update the look of your website with current staff bios and blog posts. Then make sure your social media accounts have all the right contact information for your office. Finally, check various review sites to make sure any negative postings are being addressed.

#6: Manage Your Work-Life Balance More Effectively

Not all goals for your practice involve going to the office. This year, consider setting goals to help manage your work-life balance more effectively. Ensure your list includes aspects such as recapturing your purpose, making priorities clear, and reassessing time management skills. For some physicians, this also includes scheduling time off to take a vacation or recharge mentally. And, don’t feel as though you have to make big changes in the area right away. Start with small steps and gradually choose bigger ones as the year goes along.

#7: Revamp Your Practice Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking to increase revenue this year, revamping your practice marketing strategy might just do the trick. The easiest way to accomplish this is by determining where your patients commonly live, work, and thrive. Do they commute and see billboards regularly? Are they primarily on Facebook or Instagram? Or are they of a generation that still looks in the phonebook? Make a list of factors regarding your target market and resolve to focus on these specific types of marketing over the next twelve months.

#8: Help Employees Reach Career Goals

If your goal for the year is to build a staff that is dedicated to high-performance standards, consider reaching out and helping them meet career goals. For example, ask each person individually where they see themselves in the next five years. Then work with them directly to help get any applicable training or learn the necessary skills to make this happen. Many management studies have shown this type of leadership helps create more engaged employees who stay for the long haul.

#9: Declutter Your Office by Going Completely Digital

Another great option for your practice in the coming year is to declutter by going completely digital. Transfer all paperwork to digital files and start utilizing practice management software. There is a vast array of different program options available, so check online to find one that works the best for your needs.

#10: Get Help with Your Medical Billing and Coding

Finally, one of the most important New Year’s resolutions to consider tackling in the coming year is getting help with your medical billing. While you might be tempted to keep this part of your practice handled in-house, the truth is that it is better to leave the task to professionals who understand all of the various facets of getting the job done. Furthermore, an outside company can help you find gaps in your current practices and help ensure you aren’t losing easy money through denials.

Are you ready to make 2020 your best possible year yet? These great New Year’s resolutions are just the beginning when it comes to making lasting changes in your medical practice. Get started as soon as possible!

Of course, if you need assistance with medical billing or auditing, we’re here to help. At M-Scribe, we offer solutions tailored to your unique needs. Please get in touch with our knowledgeable and helpful team today to discuss the various options we have available.


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