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The Difference Between Good & Great Medical Billing Companies

October 17, 2014
 medical billing
Understanding the difference between good and great medical billing companies can elevate your medical billing experience from mediocre to extraordinary. For one, great medical billing companies are diligent about producing consistent accuracy. It’s their first priority. To achieve consistent accuracy, medical coders must stay updated with industry practices, offer superb professional training, and provide specialized knowledge of medical billing to their clients.

1. Great Medical Coders Know the Latest Industry Practices

A great medical billing company always stays on top of changes in software requirements, documentation standards, and can cross walk unspecified ICD-9-CM codes into highly specific ICD-10-CM codes. This requires medical coders to regularly attend industry events and read industry news. Great medical coders should be able to use their up-to-date medical billing knowledge to ensure that all documents reflect any changes that have been implemented.

2. Great Medical Coders Are Experts

Great medical coders should have in-depth knowledge of medical coding. They should know every coding requirement, payer guideline, and contractual obligation. This being said, it’s necessary for great medical billing companies to invest in providing top-notch professional training and to recruit carefully.

3. Great Medical Coders Have Specialized Knowledge

The best medical billing companies have specialized knowledge, which means they can tackle tasks at a more efficient rate. Furthermore, having specialized knowledge can ensure that claims are paid on time and accuracy is guaranteed.

4. Great Medical Coders Work Well with Physicians

Great medical coders should be able to work well with physicians and the rest of the healthcare team. With their expert medical billing knowledge, medical coders can be an imperative asset to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants.  
Choosing a great medical billing company over one that’s merely good is well worth the investment. They can help reduce improper denials and audit risks as well as critically improve the entire medical billing process for clients.

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