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The 10 most common telemedicine program objectives

October 1, 2019

A new survey from Reach Health unearthed the pros and cons of making use of a telehealth program.

Approximately 436 healthcare professionals, executives, nurses and physicians took part in the survey, which was conducted in December 2016 and January 2017. Four percent of total participants were customers of Reach Health, a telemedicine software company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nearly one-quarter of respondents (21 percent) indicated telemedicine is one of their organization’s top priorities. Thirty percent said it’s a high priority, and 36 percent said it’s a medium priority. Only 13 percent consider telehealth a low priority at their organization.

Despite the majority of participants agreeing about it being a key issue, they expressed a variety of different reasons for implementing a telemedicine program.

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