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The Meaning of Consent: The Government Provides New Clarification

In the opening lines of Pink Floyd’s trippy hit, Comfortably Numb, the doctor instructs the patient to provide a response, saying: “just nod if you can hear me.” While not an exact example of what the medical industry means by “informed consent,” it does help us to think about what that term means. What are the […]

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Fewer doctors are opting out of Medicare

The CMS saw a sharp decrease in the number of providers opting out of Medicare in 2017, after several years where thousands indicated that they did not want to participate in the program.

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Physician pay up 20% since 2015 but gender gap widens

The findings on the wage difference for male and female doctors contrasts with another recent compensation survey that found the gender pay gap narrowing just slightly. Medscape researchers said that while female physicians do spend less time with patients and tend to choose lower-paying specialties, those factors don’t fully explain the pay gap.

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Why doctors should stop speaking the language of war

As soon as the microphone opened for Q&A at a conference I recently attended in New York City, a physician in the audience began his question with, “As a front-line physician.” Another asked from the perspective of someone “in the trenches.” And a third wondered how to provide medical care when we are getting “bombarded […]

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5 Steps for Managing an Under performing Employee

You’ve noticed that one of your employees has been making a lot of errors recently. Or maybe a staff member always seems to be behind on his work. Before letting the employee go, take some time to consider your next move. With a little time and effort, you may be able to uncover the deeper […]

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Best Practices To Addressing Patient Responsibility


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Look for AI to make a difference in A/R follow-up

The use of Artificial intelligence(Ai) is becoming more common across many industries and healthcare is no exception. As providers continue to fight for every dollar billed, taking advantage of Ai capabilities allows providers to take a smarter approach to many functions of the revenue cycle.  One key area we are going to see Ai used more […]

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How to reduce communication risks within your practice

Safety, confidentiality, technology. For physicians, managing risk goes beyond making sound clinical decisions. With all of these areas to monitor, communication plays a big role in risk management.

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