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Showing No Deference: Federal Courts Upend Regulatory Power

When in doubt, defer to the experts. That seems reasonable—until you realize that experts often disagree with each other. So, then what do you do? Where possible and if retrievable, go to the original source. And that’s exactly what the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decided in a game-changing ruling late last month. In a six-to-three […]

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Postoperative Pain Blocks: Taking Another Look

Astrophysicists had it right. Or so they thought. For decades, they held to certain assumptions about the early formation of the universe; but then came along the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which purportedly allows astronomers to look deeper into the past than what had heretofore been possible. And what the JWST is revealing is […]

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A Private Matter: New HIPAA Regulations and Rulings

No, there is not an explicit right to privacy listed in the Bill of Rights or the larger U.S. Constitution. However, the nation’s highest court has ruled that, while such a right is not expressly granted in that venerable document, there is an implied right to privacy based on the cumulative thrust of the several enumerated rights. […]

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Pulling the Trigger: New Policies and Impediments Involving Trigger Points

Last week, we published an article that explored the value that a chronic pain practice can bring to an anesthesia group. Today’s alert delves further into the chronic pain domain by focusing on one of the specialty’s go-to procedures: the trigger point injection (TPI). Five of the seven Medicare administrative contractors (MACs) have recently adopted […]

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The Value of Chronic Pain to an Anesthesia Practice: What Is It and How Is It Best Realized?

Anesthesia providers distinguish themselves by virtue of their ability to manage all types of pain. While most of their time and energy is focused on the acute pain related to surgical procedures and deliveries, many providers also consider themselves qualified to manage chronic intractable pain. The result can be two very distinct types of practice. […]

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Virtual Visits: Providers Grapple with Telehealth Issues

We’ve come a long way since the days when the milkman would make his deliveries at the door and the doctor would make house calls, black bag in hand. Now, we order our goods online and we can even see our healthcare professional via the latest telecommunications technology. Americans love convenience, and it is certainly […]

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Collecting Anesthesia Charges from Patients

Defining Patient Responsibility Most patients have insurance for their medical expenses. Conventional insurance plans determine the value of services submitted on a claim, which they define as the allowable. Plans that emulate the original Blue Shield policy then pay the provider 80 percent of the allowable, unless there is an applicable unmet deductible. The result […]

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Struggling with Staffing Shortages? We Can Help

Staffing shortages affect so many aspects of healthcare, from the delivery of patient care to the ability of an organization to retain quality talent. The pandemic is certainly a factor in recent staffing shortages, but shortages have been brewing for decades. Rural hospitals and facilities face staffing challenges now more than ever, but there are […]

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Affected by the Labor Shortage? Coronis Can Help

Health care facilities are under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity—to do more with less. The increased demands and staff shortages brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have further exacerbated an already challenging situation.  In a tight health care labor market, your ability to maintain continuity of patient care with manageable staffing levels […]

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