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Getting Paid for Someone Else’s Work: The Hidden Hurdles of Incident-To Billing

It’s not an unknown phenomenon. Getting paid for something that was at least partially performed or created by someone else is a well-established practice. Thomas Edison was well known for taking the inventions of others, including his employees, and appropriating them as his own, receiving the acclaim and a hefty pay day (Nikola Tesla was […]

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Collecting Anesthesia Charges from Patients

Defining Patient Responsibility Most patients have insurance for their medical expenses. Conventional insurance plans determine the value of services submitted on a claim, which they define as the allowable. Plans that emulate the original Blue Shield policy then pay the provider 80 percent of the allowable, unless there is an applicable unmet deductible. The result […]

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Anesthesia Medical Billing RCM: What to Know

Adhering to the medical billing rules and guidelines specific to anesthesia care is required in order to accurately report anesthesia services and get reimbursed in a timely manner. Anesthesia medical billing can be complex and time-consuming, which is why most facilities choose to partner with a medical billing company to achieve a more efficient workflow, […]

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5 Billing Tips for Ophthalmology Facilities to Maximize Reimbursements

Success in ophthalmology medical billing relies on efficient and timely collections. Submitting consistently clean claims and getting paid on time can help keep your ophthalmology practice afloat.  The following are medical billing tips that will help your facility maximize your revenue flow: 1. Understand the Ophthalmology Billing Process and What Is Required for Each Claim […]

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Why Billers Limit Your Access — And What You Can Do About It

Now more than ever, it’s important to work with a biller that has the skill, experience, and data to deliver maximum billing and collections. Partners don’t keep secrets. At Coronis Health, we are 100% transparent. Our team offers complete access to our medical billing software. Our clients can view patient statements, reimbursement rates, monthly projections, […]

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How Upgrading From An Amateur Biller Can Improve Behavioral Health Collections

Traditional third-party billing is dead. It’s the data-driven era. The stakes are high for inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities as the very nature of treatment undergoes some degree of change. As personal and professional lives shift under Covid-19, many facilities are reporting three- and four-fold increases in admissions.  Working side-by-side with our clients during this […]

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Choosing the Right Outsourcing Service: 5 Questions to Ask

When you decide to outsource your medical billing, you need to do your research to ensure that you connect with the right company for your facility’s needs, such as claim processing, offered services, staff training, AR management, and analytic reports. When you find the right billing company, all of these needs – and more – […]

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7 Signs You Need to Outsource

Medical billing is a complex process that requires the focus of skilled, certified billers and coders who are trained in the procedures that facilitate a healthy revenue cycle and prompt reimbursement for a healthcare facility. If you are struggling with timely filing, delays in receiving reimbursement, or staff burnout, you may need to consider outsourcing […]

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Evaluating practice performance – start with the numbers

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