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D.C. Deletes Non-Competes: FTC Issues Landmark Ruling

Many of us have been there.  We seek and land a great job, but there’s just one catch.  To lock up the position, we must first sign away our future right to seek employment in the same industry, up to a certain period of time (two years is standard), should we ultimately part ways with […]

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Anesthesia Budget Challenges

Three years ago, anesthesia practices experienced one of the worst budgetary challenges ever when the coronavirus pandemic forced a dramatic reduction in surgical case volume. It was an example of an external market factor completely beyond the control of anesthesia providers. Now that the impact of Covid-19 has more or less slipped into history, a […]

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Can a Smaller Practice Survive? The Anesthesia Question of the Day

In this era of mergers and aggregation, anesthesia practices nationwide are contemplating their futures, and many are struggling with the notion that only mega-practices survive. Is it possible to maintain a focused niche practice that only provides services to one facility or a narrowly defined market or are such practices dinosaurs doomed to fail or […]

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The Difference Between Behavioral Health and Medical Billing

A common misconception about mental and behavioral health is that health insurance covers services the same way other medical services are covered. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and it can cause significant headaches for providers in the mental and behavioral health sphere.  The differences and restrictions related to mental and behavioral health cause some […]

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Substance Abuse Treatment Center Medical Billing Services

Substance abuse treatment centers are designed to help individuals recover from addiction and substance use disorders—not handle challenging medical billing and coding issues. Every service has a business side of operations that can either help or hurt your organization. Billing varies by industry, and even within medical billing, there are variations in services and protocols. […]

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Best Practices for Improved Financials Post-COVID: 3 Part Series – Part 3: Efficiency Maximization

The COVID pandemic created challenges for practices that had to pivot their operations to restore revenues, adapt to the changing environment, and accelerate growth. This webinar, brought medical billing experts from Coronis Health together to discuss best practices for improved financials and provide case studies on how practices have improved operations. In this final part […]

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Struggling with Staffing Shortages? We Can Help

Staffing shortages affect so many aspects of healthcare, from the delivery of patient care to the ability of an organization to retain quality talent. The pandemic is certainly a factor in recent staffing shortages, but shortages have been brewing for decades. Rural hospitals and facilities face staffing challenges now more than ever, but there are […]

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Outsourcing Medical Billing: Benefits vs. Costs

Outsourcing medical billing may sound expensive, but the benefits can outweigh the costs. Let’s explore the real ROI on outsourcing medical billing – Coronis Health can provide tips to help you determine whether outsourcing is the right choice for your facility.  5 Signs You Should Outsource Your Medical Billing Medical billing is a critical component […]

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Are You Properly Billing and Coding COVID-19 Vaccinations At Your Hospital?

Now that we have approved and recommended COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna), it’s time to execute the correct medical billing and coding strategy to sustain the country’s vaccination efforts properly. These medical codes were nonexistent a year ago. Still, since we face a global pandemic, healthcare practitioners must quickly adapt to these new guidelines to […]

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