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Anesthesia Payment Options for Non-Covered Services

As payer policies evolve, once-covered services often become non-covered services. The two most common examples of this are colonoscopy (depending on the patient’s physical status) and anesthesia for Chronic Pain Injections (such as epidural steroid injections, facet injections and transforaminal epidural steroid injections). A number of notable insurance plans have stopped paying for anesthesia in […]

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What Modifiers Are Used for Behavioral Health Billing? 

Modifiers are used in healthcare billing to indicate a procedure or type of service provided in addition to an evaluation and management service or to identify the level of a provider. A modifier code is typically two characters (numbers or letters) that are added to the procedure codes in the claim. Modifiers in behavioral health […]

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Anesthesia Medical Billing; 5 Tips to Improve Profits

Efficient anesthesia medical billing ensures your facility remains financially independent while supporting the high cost of providing patient care. But ensuring you get paid on time for all your services isn’t always straightforward.  How can you avoid losses and guarantee timely and complete reimbursement for your services? Below are five anesthesia medical billing tips to […]

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How Is Anesthesia Time Calculated for Coding and Billing?

Anesthesia medical billing and coding rely on accurate documentation of services, including reporting time units. Failing to calculate time properly can result in denied or rejected claims, which impacts your facility’s revenue. Below, we explain how to calculate anesthesia time units and break down their integral role in billing and coding. Understanding the Basics of […]

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5 Myths About Anesthesiology Medical Billing

Anesthesiology encompasses perioperative care before, during, and after surgery. Anesthesia providers, like anesthesiologists and anesthesiology assistants, administer different services and levels of care that should be billed separately and through a detailed documentation process. Anesthesiology is a complicated and multifaceted service, and anesthesiology medical billing can be time-consuming and sensitive to errors without billing expertise. […]

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Anesthesia Medical Billing RCM: What to Know

Adhering to the medical billing rules and guidelines specific to anesthesia care is required in order to accurately report anesthesia services and get reimbursed in a timely manner. Anesthesia medical billing can be complex and time-consuming, which is why most facilities choose to partner with a medical billing company to achieve a more efficient workflow, […]

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Why CPT Code Modifiers Are Essential for Anesthesia Billing Claims

Common procedural terminology (CPT) modifiers are special codes – usually numeric or alpha – used by medical billers to indicate additional information or pricing associated with a specific CPT code. Anesthesia billing, like all other medical billing, includes the use of these modifiers, which are critically important for the purpose of reimbursement from payors. What […]

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5 Billing Tips for Ophthalmology Facilities to Maximize Reimbursements

Success in ophthalmology medical billing relies on efficient and timely collections. Submitting consistently clean claims and getting paid on time can help keep your ophthalmology practice afloat.  The following are medical billing tips that will help your facility maximize your revenue flow: 1. Understand the Ophthalmology Billing Process and What Is Required for Each Claim […]

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Coding for Ophthalmology Medical Billing: What You Need to Know

Ophthalmology medical billing, like other medical billing, is essential to ensure that an eye care facility remains profitable and viable to continue caring for patients. Because eye care is unique and unlike other specialties, it requires a strong foundation of knowledge to understand the intricate nature of ophthalmology medical billing services.  From basic vision care […]

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