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Flex Your RN Muscle: Giving Flexibility to Your Nursing Staff

Now that summer is nearly upon us (officially starts June 20), many are giving serious consideration to how they’re going to look in beachwear. A toned body can create the impression of fitness. But to get into that kind of shape, one must be dedicated to a disciplined diet and exercise program. Part of a […]

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A Mixed Bag: New Study Highlights Hospital Health

Perfection is a nearly impossible standard, a practically unreachable goal. No one earned a perfect score in the modern Olympics era until Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci came along in 1976 with her peerless performance on the uneven bars—10.0. In medical terms, a “clean bill of health” may be given out fairly routinely, but that doesn’t […]

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A Little Help from My Friends: HHS Injects Money into the Cyberwar

We humans like to be moved, and music has the unique ability to touch our souls and affect our emotions like few other mediums. It can even have a physical effect on the ones imparting the music. Who can forget the supercharged performance of the inimitable Joe Cocker, with his flailing arms and gut-busting vocals, […]

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