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Health Insurance

Why physicians are concerned about public access to medicare payment data

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No red flags: filing neat, complete, and accurate insurance claims

Through customer-focused service, open communication regarding office policies, immediate insurance verification, and daily cash flow monitoring, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your front office.

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Eligibility and verification

When the patient arrives the day of the appointment, the first thing your staff should be verifying is the patient’s insurance. Sometimes you find that insurance has changed in just the short period between scheduling and appointment day. Another reason for insurance verification is to prevent or detect insurance fraud/identity theft. According to The Institute […]

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Are you being underpaid by medicare advantage organizations?

What’s the Problem? Sequestration underpayments have been improperly withheld from provider payments by many Medicare Advantage Organizations [MAO] in violation of CMS guidelines that were issued on May 1, 2013.

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CMS looks to expand medicare coverage to CAR-T therapy

CMS plans to cover a specific kind of immunotherapy for cancer patients.

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CMS wants to make selling out-of-state insurance easier

The Trump administration has already encouraged the sale of insurance plans across state lines through controversial association health plans (AHP), which allow employer associations to skirt some of the ACA’s core consumer protections.

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Consumer-driven plans shift behaviors to cut costs

Members enrolled in consumer-driven health plans (CDHP) have a greater feeling of ownership over their healthcare and shift their health-related behaviors, which leads to lower costs, according to a new study from Cigna.

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Defining what ‘Defined Contributions’ mean for work-based health insurance

What if employers started giving workers a chunk of cash to buy health insurance on their own instead of offering them a chance to buy into the company plan? Are workers ready to manage their own health insurance like they do their 401(k)?

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Got health insurance? That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to pay your medical bills

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