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Efficiency in collecting patient liabilities

HIPAA AND THE TCPA Did you know that the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and HIPAA go hand in hand?

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For physician practices, the pressure’s on to offer patients same-day appointments

It might not be easy to implement, but some physician practices are guaranteeing patients same-day appointments in order to compete with a growing number of retail clinics, urgent care clinics and telemedicine services.

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Social media do’s and don’ts for medical practices

Patients have come to expect unprecedented access to their physicians, especially through technology-based means; a large part of that is social media. However, many physicians are leery of wading into uncharted waters that have the potential to open them up to legal risk and possibly blemish their reputation. Yet refusing to embrace social media could […]

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Swelling demand from patients for online access

More than half of people with chronic conditions say the ability to get their electronic medical records online outweighs the potential privacy risks, according to a new survey by Accenture.

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Walgreens to invest $300M in digital health

After reporting a dip in net earnings for the first quarter, Walgreens plans to invest $300 million in digital health to make up for the losses.

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What Physicians Should Know: 7 Retail Clinic Statistics

As the number of retail-based clinics grows, more physicians are expressing concerns regarding how those clinics will affect their practices.

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How to ensure that your medical practice stays profitable

Building and maintaining a medical practice is the goal, but many doctors are not prepared for the minutiae that can cause the business to struggle: regular payment collections, increasing costs, patient billing, medical coding, and more. It’s not enough for doctors to provide unsurpassed medical care, display a compassionate bedside manner, and rise to the […]

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13 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

  Despite what doctors learn in medical school about patient billing practices (i.e., keep it in-house), times are changing. Billing is now as complicated as anything else about the business of running a medical practice.

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Preparing practices for the future of value-based care

Are you prepared for the value-based health care model? It’s already here but it’s still 2-3 years away from being fully implemented, so now is the time to get prepared so that your practice and your staff are ahead of the game and ready to maximize profitability and sustain growth.

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