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Chronic Pain

Pulling the Trigger: New Policies and Impediments Involving Trigger Points

Last week, we published an article that explored the value that a chronic pain practice can bring to an anesthesia group. Today’s alert delves further into the chronic pain domain by focusing on one of the specialty’s go-to procedures: the trigger point injection (TPI). Five of the seven Medicare administrative contractors (MACs) have recently adopted […]

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The Value of Chronic Pain to an Anesthesia Practice: What Is It and How Is It Best Realized?

Anesthesia providers distinguish themselves by virtue of their ability to manage all types of pain. While most of their time and energy is focused on the acute pain related to surgical procedures and deliveries, many providers also consider themselves qualified to manage chronic intractable pain. The result can be two very distinct types of practice. […]

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Fading Away: Anesthesia for Chronic Pain

It was one of those end-of-an-era moments. Standing in the well of the House, before a joint session of Congress, was the “American Caesar,” General Douglas McArthur, bidding farewell to the nation after 52 years of service. First in his class at West Point, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor and Military Governor of […]

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