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AI and healthcare: a giant opportunity

Artificial intelligence’s (AI) transformative power is reverberating across many industries, but in one—healthcare—its impact promises to be truly life-changing. From hospital care to clinical research, drug development and insurance, AI applications are revolutionizing how the health sector works to reduce spending and improve patient outcomes.

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AI beats humans at identifying cervical cancer in NIH study

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute developed an algorithm that can accurately identify precancerous changes in the cervix—a potential boon to low-resource areas that don’t have enough medical professionals.

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AI poised to ‘transform’ medical imaging, radiology society says

The success of emerging artificial intelligence techniques in image analysis is fostering rapid growth in the use of deep learning for medical imaging, with the resulting computer vision systems able to perform some clinical interpretation tasks at the level of expert physicians, according to the authors of a paper published in Radiology, the official journal […]

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AI’s role in healthcare starts small, gets bigger

At UPMC, clinicians use predictive analytic tools to help reduce the risk of disease. They’re pursuing narrow but still vital goals like reducing hospitalizations and applying new diagnostic tools that help patients self-manage their own conditions.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) detects melanoma more efficiently than dermatologists

What’s the question? A recent study published in the Annals of Oncology by the Oxford University Press aimed to identify whether artificial intelligence (AI) was able to better detect melanoma than trained dermatologists. This study compared a convolutional neural network (CNN) to 58 dermatologists and their ability to recognize dermoscopic melanoma. CNN is primarily used to analyze […]

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How virtual reality is taking dementia patients back to the future

In a comfortable armchair, glass of sherry at her side, Elspeth Ford is getting to grips with her 3D goggles. “Maybe I’ll go another other way now,” she says, looking left, right, up, down. She breaks into a cheery rendition of the Lambeth Walk.

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