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Sharing Medical Document Via Document Viewers

December 10, 2015

document_viewer_advantages.jpgNo matter the industry that your business operates in, it is paramount that you keep your customers’ data secure. Data security is especially important within the medical industry where HIPAA guidelines come into effect. From watchdog organizations to governmental regulators, there are strict standards on what types of patient data can and cannot be shared. Fortunately, there are viable solutions available to help remedy any data sharing issues and it comes in the form of document viewers. Here’s a closer look at document viewers and their many benefits. 

Benefits of Document Viewers

One of the best benefits to be enjoyed by using a document viewer is that it will allow for universal sharing of pertinent patient data, which is paramount if global sharing is needed. Document viewers are often web-based, meaning no matter where you’re at, data sharing becomes possible as long as you have an Internet connection. 

It’s also with a document viewer that viewers of the documents won’t need to install the dedicated viewer. This means you can share data with the appropriate entities regardless of whether or not they have the program installed on their computer or mobile device. Your IT department can focus its attention on core IT functions instead of having to resolve sharing issues that take place via multiple devices, browsers, and programs. 

Document viewers also allow you to streamline your document processing by enabling you to collaborate and annotate forms and claims. Because the healthcare industry requires that documents be viewed by more than one entity to be processed for insurance purposes, it makes perfect sense that document viewers will be of the utmost value. Best of all, you can customize the collaboration and annotation features of a document viewer, enabling you to greatly simplify your document processing tasks. 

Future of Medical Documentation and Medical Coding

Furthermore, document viewers allow you to view documents in a web-based format without having to install any type of additional software or hardware. Whether you’re sharing a patient data chart or diagnoses made from other physicians, document viewers provide you with the ability to share information in real-time, which enhances the overall effectiveness of the treatment regimens you prescribe to patients. Essentially, you gain a 360-degree view of the patient. 

Also, document viewers allow for scalability and flexibility to take place within your healthcare practice. From adding customized templates to denying access to certain medical personnel — office administrator — then you can scale and flex the viewer as you need to meet your scaling and flexibility requirements; this is especially valuable to physicians that operate within a multi-specialty practice. 

Your medical enterprise content management system needs to have a document viewer that is set up for it. This not only enhances document access, but it streamlines your overall operations, making them both more efficient and effective. You’ll enjoy enhanced system utility, too, increasing the longevity of the system, which decreases overhead and maintenance expenses. 

Document viewers allow for:

  • Easy viewing of content in its original format; there is no need to convert files
  • Simple access via any browser; as long as you have Internet connection, you can view the files
  • No need to download third-party applications

When it comes to creating, maintaining, and sharing documents, you can’t go wrong with implementing the use of a document viewer. M-Scribe provides you with the tools and resources you need to ensure all of your medical coding and medical documentation needs are being met.


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