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RURO Announces Partnership with PractiSource, LLC.

February 7, 2017


RURO Partnership with PractiSourceCombination of RURO’s LimitLIS®, PractiSource’s Medical Billing and RCM Services Offers Clinical Laboratories Rapid Modernization of Operations and Revenue Management.

  • RURO’s LimitLIS® is quickly becoming a preferred Laboratory Information System for laboratories seeking more advanced information management
  • PractiSource’s expertise and corporate focus on optimizing laboratory revenue is industry-leading
  • RURO and PractiSource’s partnered solution allows customers to quickly enhance their quality of work, improve revenue cycle management, and seamlessly integrate LIS with billing and RCM Services

RURO, Inc., a leading LIMS and other laboratory software solutions provider, announced its official partnership with PractiSource, LLC, a leading provider of healthcare revenue cycle management solutions.

LimitLIS®, RURO’s laboratory information system, has quickly been deployed in clinical testing laboratories across the U.S. and abroad. With each success, RURO engineers and project teams have worked with 3rd party instrument manufacturers and billing providers to ensure customers gain the most automation possible. Data from integrated instruments moves to and from LimitLIS® and, seamlessly, billing data is passed from completed workflows in LimitLIS®, fully formatted for billing providers. Now, customers seeking both to upgrade their LIS as well as their revenue management, can benefit from the newly announced solution package combining RURO’s LimitLIS® and PractiSource’s billing services. Both companies are leaders in their respective fields due to excellent user experience, reliable results, and regulatory support features.

“We are excited to partner with RURO,” says Markus Muhlhauser, PractiSource CEO. “PractiSource has already implemented the LimitLIS system with a number of our laboratory clients and has developed complete interfaces to the system. Our joint clients love LimitLIS’ ease of use, modern feel, and the manner in which it simply integrates with our RCM service offerings.”

Practisource differentiates itself from other medical billing service providers through its emphasis on the customer, its team of industry experts, and its technology.

“We all agreed that partnering with PractiSource was an important next step,” said Sasha Brocato, LimitLIS® Product Manager. “They are easy to communicate with, deliver on everything promised to us our shared customers, and the service they provide is truly remarkable. We found labs make more money with PractiSource.”

Central to the success of the combined solution is proven integrated deployment. A single integrated solution benefits laboratories by reducing the risk and effort associated with onboarding a new LIS and and separate billing service software. As a result, customers realize faster deployment time and lower cost from both providers.

Vladimir Lebedev, CEO of RURO concludes, “Partnered with PractiSource, we are going to make our customers more efficient and profitable. Only modern software solutions in conjunction with proper revenue cycle management can deliver what clinical laboratories need today.”

For more information on LimitLIS®, visit
For more information on PractiSource, visit

About RURO, Inc.

Founded in 2006, RURO specializes in Laboratory Information Management Solutions. RURO’s Limfinity® is the central data management solution in many of the world’s leading Translation Science programs and Biobanks.

RURO is Laboratory Information Bliss.

Visit RURO at for more information.

About PractiSource, LLC

PractiSource is a full service medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) company dedicated to maximizing medical provider reimbursement with the highest levels of concierge-style customer service and support. The company provides services to clinical laboratories, physician groups, and medical facilities. Headquartered near Hartford, Connecticut, PractiSource serves clients from coast to coast.

Visit PractiSource at for more information or call 860-840-2244.

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