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December 1, 2021

Coronis Health is comprised of the top medical billers in the country pooling their global resources to bring customers the best in medical billing and revenue cycle management. With over 35 years of combined experience in various niches, including hospitals of all sizes, Coronis offers customers tailored solutions and high-touch relationships you won’t find at a “Big Box” medical billing company. We are more than capable of turning your practice or hospital’s challenging situation into an opportunity for growth. How? Our clients’ success stories say it best.

Efficient Medical Billing for Better Bottom Lines

A Hendersonville, NC-based FQHC experienced COVID-related obstacles. With the state of emergency, they faced the challenge of directing all of their administrative personnel to work remotely. They had to develop systems and processes for remote supervision, communication, motivation, and staff direction. Now, they consider the work they do with Coronis as seamless. Coronis has become a valued partner in their billing operation. “They fit right into our new overall workflow with no disruption,” this FQHC shares.

Coronis offers customers tailored solutions and high-touch relationships you won’t find at a “Big Box” medical billing company

The FQHC initially reached out to us to supplement their in-house billing staff, because qualified medical billing services and collection staff in their semi-rural area are in great demand. Since they couldn’t always compete with the compensation demanded by experienced staff, they usually just hired new employees and went through the repetitive process of training them and eventually losing them to bigger hospitals or group practices in Asheville. As a result, their billing staff was perpetually undertrained, and their AR over 90 days had, as they described, “begun to grow like mold in these damp mountains.” 

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Coronis Health offers experienced, often more qualified, professional staff at affordable rates. Additionally, we guarantee a minimum level of productivity and are very focused on ROI and quality of work. Within 4 months or so, we were able to help reduce their over 90 commercial insurance AR from $2 million to less than $400K and cleared a denials backlog that was just over a year old. “We’ve increased our commercial insurance collections dollars by more than 28% since partnering with Coronis Health,” they proudly state.

Healthier Revenue Cycles for Healthier Financials

Care Alliance Health Center, a mid-size health center located in Cleveland, Ohio, began its partnership with Coronis Health as a revenue cycle client. Care Alliance is one of six FQHCs Coronis supports in Ohio and our third partner working on the OCHIN EPIC installation.

Our billing team assumed responsibility for all billing functions post-charge capture, including claim submission, rejection and denial work, payment posting, and overall management of accounts receivable. Coding and the review of coding errors remained on the task list of the Care Alliance internal staff and providers.

Coronis Health’s medical billing service team and the internal Care Alliance team noticed a concerning trend. Pending charges requiring a certified coder review were rapidly accumulating, creating a backlog of accounts receivable and putting charges at risk of aging beyond the filing limit. Despite the valiant efforts of the internal staff, the lists continued to grow. The impact ballooned to a high of over eight days of charges pending by the end of their fiscal year.

Improved time to pay, increase collections, and reduction in aging are all key indicators of a health revenue cycle.

As we monitored this growing list of pending inventory, the Coronis Health Coding team began to review the type of pending items. We realized our expertise and available resources could efficiently collaborate with our billing team and our partners at Care Alliance to reduce open accounts receivable and increase revenue for these services.

The collaboration of the Coronis Health coding and billing staff with our partners at Care Alliance produced significant improvement in the entire revenue cycle. Improved time to pay, increased collections, and reduction in aging are all key indicators of a healthy revenue cycle. Monitoring these, as well as offering resources and expertise to assist with all aspects of an FQHC revenue cycle were vital to their success.

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“Our internal team was consistently behind on addressing our coding edits due to the sheer volume and the workflow required to address them. The assistance and expertise provided by the Coronis Health coding and billing teams have turned that tide – we were even recognized for our improvement by our system host’s most recent client scorecard,” shares Yulanda Lee, Revenue Cycle Director of Care Alliance Health Center.

Higher Clean Claims Rates Improve Revenue

Mizell Memorial Hospital was first established in 1949 as a small rural hospital operating with a 29-bed capacity. To meet the community’s needs, they needed more beds and more services. These changes in services included facility expansion with additional beds and other new services, including nuclear medical services, a sleep center, senior behavioral healthcare, a wellness center, and a clinic for primary care. 

With no professional resources in the local community with knowledge to code and complete patient charts, collect outstanding balances, and perform other daily RCM functions, they partnered with Allegiance Group who also partnered with Coronis to provide professional coding services.

With the continued success of our coding team, Allegiance expanded their services by adding revenue cycle management and full lift outsourcing of the business office. This included cash posting and day one billing.

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With the assistance of Coronis coders and the RCM team, Mizell now has all major insurance payers set up to send and receive electronic claims and payments that were previously sent by paper. Coronis also helped to streamline the electronic claim submissions by utilizing a claims scrubber (Waystar) to improve the clean claim rate. The average maintained weekly clean claim rate is now 90% and above. 

Coronis RCM staff has also assisted with chargemaster updates and the complete transition of Mizell Memorial clinics to Rural Health Certified. This included new payer codes, chargemaster setup, and NPI registration in the host system as well as the claim scrubber. Mizell staff coordinated with Coronis staff to update existing accounts with the new RHC information. This included the coding team and RCM teams to re-code accounts to RHC standards and re-bill all accounts with the new RHC information which totaled more than 500 accounts and $100K.

Coronis continues to help streamline RCM operations and processes with the Mizell business office staff. When the Coronis RCM team was added to Mizell, they were adjusting 100% of all accounts over 365+ days in age, not pursuing denials. Coronis now collects every possible dollar on aged accounts, because it is our goal to assist and improve our client’s collections on outstanding balances and reduce their AR aging by improving operational effectiveness. 

Backlog Weighing You Down? Find Freedom with Coronis

Another client began their business as an urgent care group and during the pandemic’s early phases. They were able to manage, handle, and provide COVID-19 testing to their state population while also managing telehealth visits, drive-thru testing at multiple locations and sites, and staying on top of the ever-changing rules for COVID-19 billing.

The client also expected that at the beginning of 2021, they would be a top vaccination center for their state. As the pandemic dragged on, and the client was overwhelmed by COVID-19 testing, they found themselves drowning in COVID-19 billing. While staying on top of the ever-changing rules and laws, the client could not handle the volume.

We quickly identified that we would be able to help, and the volume was something that we had successfully handled in the past. 

This client was too focused on the quality assurance of the COVID testing to maintain high levels of efficiency and they neglected their manual billing process. The tedious process involved physically entering all charges into their billing software from their LIS and manually posting all insurance payments.

The client approached us and sought assistance because they needed to pull staff to help with the COVID-19 billing. Once we began talking to the client, we quickly identified that we would be able to help, and the volume was something that we had successfully handled in the past. 

With assistance from our offshore team working 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, a dedicated onshore onboarding team, and a focused onshore revenue cycle team with certified professional coders that specialize in coding and billing for COVID-related expenditures, we were able to clear the backlog. 

We uploaded, scrubbed, and submitted all claims to the HRSA Uninsured Program, the government, and commercial payers, and began seeing payments within one week of going live. We quickly set up electronic fund transfers and electronic remittance advice for all insurance payments.

We also provided coding and billing guidance to help capture additional revenue, performed e/m level audits on the telehealth visits, and provided the necessary bandwidth with staffing to turn a very stressful situation into a positive one.

Doctor with mask using laptop

At present, this client has recouped millions in revenue and is now successfully billing and administrating tens of thousands of COVID vaccines.

We are also assisting this client with staffing and laboratory compliance regulations while providing a customized reporting dashboard, coding guidance on expanding urgent care services and laboratory panels outside of Covid vaccines and testing, and customized eligibility verification, ensuring their long-term growth and success post the pandemic.

Support to Grow Your Practice and Increase Revenue

Crossroads is an Arizona Department of Health Services licensed substance abuse treatment provider with proven expertise in serving addicted men, women, and veterans. Crossroads had an in-house revenue cycle team of billers, collectors, and payment posters, along with utilization review representatives. Their management team was frustrated with the lack of accountability, consistent and timely claims submissions, and payment posting. The company had never considered a third-party revenue cycle partner until Coronis Health was referred to them by their EMR.

I can’t wait to log into our bank account to check deposits each morning. Cash flow is consistent, which was not the case prior to working with Coronis.

Tammy Wilson, Chief Financial Officer of Crossroads

Coronis Health accepted the partnership. As a partner, we pride ourselves on not only being transparent with all issues, but also working to maximize revenue, provide coding and claims submission expertise, and helping clients financially grow. Our reporting and analysis ensure Medicaid compliance while providing daily, weekly, and monthly data to run the business. This partnership has freed management to grow the business, adding a 65-bed Detox facility in Q4 rather than managing the staff that were not performing.

“I can’t wait to log into our bank account to check deposits each morning. Cash flow is consistent, which was not the case prior to working with Coronis,” says Tammy Wilson, Chief Financial Officer of Crossroads.

Partner With Coronis Health

Coronis Health’s focus on financial independence and innovative use of tech saves you money by outsourcing all billing and coding. But we do so much more. Our top revenue cycle management can help your hospital or facility find lost revenue, lower your time in AR, close aged payments, and handle collections efficiently. To learn more about how we can help your business grow and let you focus on your patients, contact Coronis Health for a free financial check-up today.

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