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Providers, payors & policy: Opioid epidemic updates

October 3, 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt seen news stories or read articles about the opioid epidemic facing our country. We’ve categorized a few of the latest updates on the topic below.


FDA chief: Opioids are ‘biggest crisis facing the FDA’

  • The FDA wants to target the overprescribing of opioids by mandating training on prescription of opioids as well as training on spotting signs of abuse.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield Discourages Using Opioids As Primary Pain Treatment

  • The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association adopted new standards for pain management that mirror the guidelines set forth by the CDC.
  • Insurers are working to restrict the number and size of opioid prescriptions through updated authorization policies.


Surgeon general urges Americans to carry overdose antidote

  • First national public health advisory issued in 13 years.
  • Surgeon General focusing on removing access barriers to Naloxone, an overdose antidote, that can restore a person’s breathing.

Your Medical Practice

Take time to reflect on how your medical practice is managing this issue and establish how you’re moving forward. Internally, you should discuss specific questions:

  • How is your practice addressing this public health crisis?
  • Are any new regulations impacting your ability to care for your patients the way you always have?
  • Has your practice participated in any training related specifically to opioid prescription and management?

If you’d like to share how you’re responding to this opioid epidemic, talk to a team member at Coronis Health

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