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PractiSource Customer Update Regarding Covid-19

March 16, 2020



Springfield, Massachusetts
March 17, 2019

To you – a valued member of the PractiSource family:

As a family owned company, the health of our PractiSource family – including employees, customers, and partners – is our highest priority. The Covid-19 situation is constantly evolving, but please know that our commitment to you is unwavering. I wanted to reach out and give you an update on some of the steps we are taking here at PractiSource to deliver the same level of service and support to you despite the current challenges.


First, we have implemented a number of new internal policies, procedures and guidelines for our employees. These include increased telecommuting, virtual meetings, workspace spatial distancing, and limiting unnecessary travel. We are also working very diligently with our technology partners to ensure there are no service disruptions whatsoever.

Following are some of the guidelines we have put in place.

  • Service and Communication. Again, we have implemented protocols and technologies which allow us to serve you without disruption. Our systems are web-accessible making the transition for many employees to telecommuting a fairly seamless one. Additionally, our web-based phone systems have built-in flexibility for the management of calls regardless of the physical location of the employee. (Yes, we expect the occasional dog barking in the background while people work from a home office, but I think everyone is understanding of such small inconveniences in this situation.) More employees will start telecommuting over the course of the next few days. Those asking to remain in our offices will be taking part of increased spatial distancing. This includes PractiSource spreading out team members into newly acquired additional office space.

  • Availability. Customer and partner meetings will continue as normal and will occur virtually through increased usage of conference lines, webinars…etc. For most of you, this will be no different from the way you interact with us now. The only change you may experience is a change in dial-in numbers or technologies. (ie. gotomeeting etc.).

  • Management. Our executive team is meeting on a very frequent basis regarding ongoing steps we can take for the safety of our PractiSource family and the seamless delivery of services. We are closely monitoring federal, state and local announcements and guidance. Today we will be appointing a new telemedicine resource to assist with the many questions regarding telemedicine technology and billing. You will receive more information regarding this very shortly.


We know that as medical professionals, our clients are on the front lines each and every day. We sincerely thank you for everything you do and we are committed to supporting you and the important services you provide. We know you are counting on us during this situation, and rest assured – we’ve got your back.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything at all. We are here for you!

Markus Muhlhauser
PractiSource, LLC

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