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PractiSource Announces its New AgilityMD Division Focusing on AdvancedMD Medical Practices Springfield, Massachusetts

January 22, 2020

Summary: PractiSource Announces new AgilityMD RCM and Billing Services for AdvancedMD Software Users

PractiSource today announced its latest division, AgilityMD. AgilityMD is a suite of service offerings designed to maximize revenue for users of AdvancedMD Medical Office Software. PractiSource is an AdvancedMD partner and currently serves hundreds of providers on the AdvancedMD platform with medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) services.
AgilityMD has multiple service lines tailored to the specific needs of medical practices and clinical laboratories utilizing the AdvancedMD software system.
First, for medical practices which currently utilize AdvancedMD software to perform their billing functions “in-house”, AgilityMD provides back office revenue cycle management (RCM) functions such as claims submission, insurance claims follow-up, Accounts Receivable management, practice analytics and more. These services are designed to not only maximize revenue for the practice, but also allow the practice to operate more efficiently concentrating on patient care. These services are custom tailored to each practice, and a free analysis is offered to determine current practice system utilization, current efficiency and then the best potential course of action moving forward.

Next, AgilityMD offers a complete AdvancedMD integrated billing and RCM solution for medical practices considering switching from their current software or billing provider to the AdvancedMD platform. For such practices, using AgilityMD in combination with AdvancedMD provides numerous advantages both in terms of ease of implementation and long term financial performance. AgilityMD has a unique, personalized approach to both AdvancedMD software implementation as well as ongoing billing and revenue cycle management.
Finally, AgilityMD can provide current users of AdvancedMD a “second chance” at collecting their old, outstanding Accounts Receivable. Typically, medical office staff spend most of their time focusing on patient care, and getting the basics of billing completed. Following up on Account Receivable can therefore take a back seat. AgilityMD’s AR services focuses on obtaining revenue from outstanding receivables which may have been previously overlooked.
AgilityMD offerings are a natural extension of PractiSource service lines due in large part to PractiSource’s vast experience with AdvancedMD technologies. PractiSource’s CEO, Markus Muhlhauser has been using the AdvancedMD platform to improve practice revenue since 2001.
Muhlhauser stated, “AdvancedMD has been a tremendous partner for nearly 20 years. The system has allowed us to provide dramatic results for medical practices from coast to coast regardless of specialty or size.”

Muhlhauser was previously the CEO and Founder of PhyLogic Healthcare, LLC (PhyLogic was the largest user in the world of AdvancedMD software until its acquisition by ADP AdvancedMD in 2011). Muhlhauser then served on the AdvancedMD Executive Team prior to founding PractiSource in 2014.

He continued, “Our history with AdvancedMD gives us a unique perspective. Combining AMD technology with our highly-experienced, U.S.-based service team has resulted in improved revenues and a highly positive service experience for both medical practices and clinical laboratories.”
AgilityMD will be offering a free billing performance analysis for AdvancedMD users as well as users of other billing software systems considering the switch to the AdvancedMD platform. Interested medical practices or medical laboratories should contact AgilityMD for more information and a free consultation.

About AgilityMD

AgilityMD is a division of PractiSource, LLC, a full-service medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) company dedicated to maximizing medical provider reimbursement with the highest levels of concierge-style customer service and support. The company provides services to physician groups and clinical laboratories. With offices in Springfield, Massachusetts and Tolland, Connecticut, PractiSource serves clients nationwide.

For more information about AgilityMD, please call 860-840-2244 or send an email to Please address any postal queries to PractiSource, LLC, 1350 Main St, 13th Floor, Springfield, MA 01103. Please visit for further information.

AdvancedMD is a registered trademark of AdvancedMD, Inc., South Jordan Utah. AdvancedMD, Inc. is a Global Payments company.

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