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PractiSource and gEHRiMed Announce Partnership, Strengthening Practice Management and Billing Processes for LTPAC Medical Providers

May 9, 2016

Hartford, CT- 5/10/2016 – PractiSource, LLC, a leading healthcare billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) company and gEHRiMed the creator of the first Stage-2 Certified EHR designed exclusively for Long-Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) medical providers announce the formation of their partnership.

partnershipToday PractiSource announced the expansion of their business to include integrations with LTPAC electronic health record (EHR) solutions. The company is stretching their boundaries and leveraging a broader ecosystem of opportunities: LTPAC medical practices. The integration enables medical providers to focus on quality medical care, while simultaneously improving revenue and billing-related workflows through business analytics. PractiSource believes their RCM solution is an easy option to maximize operational efficiencies within medical practices. The integration is designed to automate data exchange from the medical provider’s EHR (gEHRiMed) to PractiSource’s RCM systems.

Markus Muhlhauser, CEO PractiSource, “All of us at PractiSource are proud to work with GPM – a company which shares similar values in terms of dedication to customer service and the increased performance of LTPAC practices. Together we’ve created a seamless solution by which a provider can document clinical notes in the gEHRiMed EHR, and subsequently have all billing and RCM functions performed automatically without more than a single click from the medical provider.”

The healthcare reimbursement environment is increasingly complex and dynamic, the integrated solution simplifies the process for LTPAC practices, maximizes practice revenue, and equips them with the data analysis tools needed to optimize practice workflows. Using state-of-the-art business intelligence and analytics systems, PractiSource manages all aspects of billing and RCM for medical providers. Furthermore, PractiSource transforms detail rich data into interactive data visualizations, delivering more consumable insights and a better understanding of the complex data than standard reporting systems. This is the same enterprise-class technology used by leading national healthcare delivery systems to make key business decisions – and is now offered by PractiSource to practices of all sizes.

The two companies already have shared clients, and have further agreed to extend special RCM services pricing to medical practices which utilize both the gEHRiMed EHR and PractiSource services.

About PractiSource

PractiSource, LLC is a full service medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) dedicated to maximizing medical provider reimbursement with the highest levels of concierge-style customer service and support. The company provides services to physician groups, reference laboratories and medical facilities. Headquartered near Hartford, Connecticut, PractiSource serves clients from coast to coast.
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About gEHRiMed

Industry-leading gEHRiMed is the creator of the first Stage-2-Certified EHR designed exclusively for LTPAC medical providers. The cloud-based software helps reduce errors to deliver more accurate clinical assessments, all while increasing physician productivity. By coupling real-time data capture with custom practice management tools, gEHRiMed simplifies the workflow for the multi-provider, multi-location practice. For more information, please contact

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