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Physician pay up 20% since 2015 but gender gap widens

October 3, 2019

The findings on the wage difference for male and female doctors contrasts with another recent compensation survey that found the gender pay gap narrowing just slightly. Medscape researchers said that while female physicians do spend less time with patients and tend to choose lower-paying specialties, those factors don’t fully explain the pay gap.

The amount of time doctors spend on administrative tasks is concerning, as that burden can lead to burnout and job dissatisfaction. HHS under the Trump administration has taken on the issue through an initiative it calls Patients over Paperwork — attempting to pare back tasks providers face on reporting requirements, for example.

But in line with other research, the Medscape survey shows doctors are mostly happy with their jobs and burnout is on the decline. Half of doctors surveyed said they were “satisfied” with their own job performance and 42% were “very satisfied.” The majority of physicians said they would choose medicine as a career again.


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