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More Action Needed – 10 Days Until the Health Center Funding Cliff

September 20, 2017

Take Action Funding CliffHealth centers and the patients they serve are counting on you and your advocacy to move Congress to fix the cliff! In just 10 days, the Health Center Funding Cliff could become a reality – there’s not a moment to waste, and keeping the pressure up has never been more important! Continue taking action today and for the rest of the week by posting on social media, emailing, and calling. Each of these steps takes less than 3 minutes but could mean the difference to 9 million patients who could lose access to care, 2,800 Health Center sites that could close, and 51,000 Health Center staff who could lose their jobs.

Take the three actions below to make sure Congress gets the message before it’s too late!

It’s never been more clear that our advocacy is working! Because of your work, 70 Senators, the vast majority, signed the Blunt-Stabenow Health Center Cliff Letter (see the HCAdvocacy site to view signers) demanding Congress act to fix the Cliff before September 30th. In the House, legislation has been introduced, H.R. 3770, the CHIME Act, that would extend health center funding for 5 years.These are important steps, but specific Congressional action is still needed to fix the cliff before the end of the month. Please, take action and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same. Be sure to mark your calendars for the next National Cliff Call-In Day, Monday, September 25th – our advocacy must be relentless until the cliff is fixed! Don’t let Congress delay action any longer – demand that they make Health Centers a priority and demand that they take action immediately to fix the cliff.

The future of the Health Center Program depends on your advocacy – Take Action Today!

For more information please contact:

Amanda Pears Kelly – Health Center Advocacy Network


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