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Medical Practice Marketing Ideas for 2017

August 15, 2017

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With new technology coming into the forefront of medical practice marketing, offices have more opportunity than ever to capitalize on automated, streamlined processes to improve ROI. Here are just a few of the top medical practice marketing ideas that will keep you going for the next five years.

Omnichannel Communications

Offices of the future will give their patients their choice of communications techniques. Instead of requiring that a patient give a phone number or an email, these offices will offer integration with popular social media as well. Base communications will also be improved. Email can be used for much more than reminder calls – many offices use email to create a de facto newsletter to remind patients constantly of their presence (in a helpful, value adding way).

Facebook is an especially good outlet for medical practices. Most healthcare providers are actually not using Facebook enough, and many are using it incorrectly. Take the time to learn the nuances of organic and paid Facebook listings – they work best if implemented at the same time with a bit of expertise. Do not be afraid to outsource your marketing on this platform if you are not experiencing the results that you think you should.

Automated Outreach Effort

Simply placing your office in local business directories will open your services up to an entirely new audience. As Millennials begin looking online as their primary source of information for doctors, your presence in Yahoo! and Google Business listings becomes more important than ever. These are the automated outreach efforts that will pay dividends when run in tandem with your active efforts.

Make sure that your listings are exactly the same in all business listings. This means no abbreviations if you have already spelled out the street name in your other profiles. Search engines build their listings from each other, and if one listing differs from another even slightly, you will not get the preferential treatment that comes from an aggregated association.

Synchronizing With Local Business

There is no better reference for your office than the architecture firm next door. You never know when people are in need of medical assistance, and many of these busy professionals would love to have a trusted ear to go to without thinking about it. If your local business community has an association or meetings, attend them. Trade business cards. Refer your patients to other trusted professionals and have them send their sick your way.

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Your Website

Believe it or not, the majority of new patients who find your practice will not do so through your website. Google Business listings will obviously have more priority than your website in Google search. However, your website is what draws your prospect in and keeps him loyal over time. 

Too many healthcare providers look at a website as a customer acquisition tool. It is really more of a relationship management tool. It can also be a source of income if your blogging skills are good enough. With the cost of building and owning a website dropping every day, there is no excuse for your office not to have one.

Original Photos

One of the most effective marketing tactics for a medical practice is the use of organically generated pictures. Do not use stock photos on your website or in your Facebook profile. Take the time to capture the moment when your patients come out of your office smiling. These are the pictures that are really worth a thousand words.

With new marketing opportunities being formed all the time, it is always good to keep your ear to the street for the latest news. The successful offices of the future will take on the responsibility of upgrading their marketing as well as their base operations.


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