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Medical Billing Services become economical for Dermatology practices

August 15, 2012

M-Scribe Billing Service

In general medical billing is now more affordable than ever for most medical practices with help of technology, however dermatology billing cost could be higher because of different use of modifiers, dummy codes and higher co-payments and deductibles involvement. M-Scribe offers dermatology billing for practices at rates that undercut all of their industry competitors. While most industry leaders charge 6-8 % of total collections, M-Scribe offers a low overhead; web based billing service that reduces costs for dermatology medical practices. A flat fee is all you will ever be charged by M-Scribe’s medical billing service—a discount of 50-60% over the other leading providers. With unique customize solution, your office no longer needs to worry about high billing and collections costs.

Efficient Medical Billing Process

Industry experts say the first 80% of payments are easy to collect.  It is the next 20% that are difficult to collect. 

We understand every little process matters to collect that extra 20% for example paper work is most important part of your practice and in every little process involved in coding. So instead of sending paper documents to us, we provide bi-direction industrial scanner for FREE. You can save time and money by using high-speed scanners to digitize your billing information. This rapid turnaround time ensures that your bills are sent out promptly and without errors that could lead to frustrated patients at the end.

Full Legally and Ethically Entitled Reimbursement

In 2011 we coded approximately 2.9 million codes, registered 3.7 million patient accounts and 5.16 million charges in terms of counts. We have entered $955.9 million charges and collected $438 million. We have audited, trained and protected more than 1,800 physicians.

All the claims are processed within the same-day; avoiding unnecessary delays helps us increase your profits by 10 to 20 percent while lowering the cost of billing as compared to either in-house or other medical billing services.

Free Dermatology Specific EMR/ EHR

M-Scribe isn’t only a medical billing service; dermatology practices can also enjoy all the stimulus benefits by using one of the leading EMR in the country absolutely FREE. At no cost to you we are providing best features like Labs – quickly connect with your choice of laboratories, e-Prescribing – send eprescription to over 70,000 pharmacies, Scheduling -schedule patient visits in our EMR with one click, Charting- customize templates to fit your practice and specialty, Billing- manage billing alongside our electronic medical records (EMRs).

Best Use of Technology

M-Scribe medical billing software effectively manages the process between providers, insurance companies, clearing houses and patients. This helps us to collect faster from insurance companies and patients. Dermatology practices with higher co-payment patients’ timely manner invoicing and regular follow-ups are very critical. Our web-based software is superior to traditional medical billing software’s because it’s more convenient and faster to setup. It provides all of the features and functionality that you need for your practice. We are managing many dermatology practices with insurance payment situations in different states.

Experienced Coding Team

Delivering everyday accurate billing is not only depends on capturing accurate and timely medical data but also on how efficiently using proper coding. Our certified dermatology experienced coders possess in-depth knowledge to understand health record’s content in order to find information to support or provide specificity for coding.

Download: Dermatology Practice Turn Around Case Study

Our coders are trained in the anatomy and physiology of the human body and disease processes in order to understand the etiology, pathology, symptoms, signs, diagnostic studies, treatment modalities, and prognosis of diseases and procedures to be coded. Their daily job entails much more than simply locating diagnostic and procedural phrases in the coding manuals or with encoder software. They have knowledge of disease processes and procedural techniques to consistently apply the correct codes. Our medical coding professionals work as integral part of a dedicated billing team to achieve the best results for you.

M-Scribe Delivers Best

The reason M-Scribe ensures high quality work at a low price is simple: most companies offering a similar medical billing service simply don’t have the experienced dermatology specific coders and technological know-how or the information infrastructure to lower their costs. M-Scribe dermatology experienced coders and uses technology in a way that streamlines billing processes— and that helps you get collected every dollar ethically and legally entitled in this ever changing coding and billing world.


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