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Kareo Update

March 13, 2020


If you are currently a Kareo client (either utilizing the EHR or practice management software) you have access to the Kareo Telemedicine portal.  This portal allows you a HIPAA compliant software to provide Telemedicine therapy. 

Kareo Telemedicine

How it works

  • You do not need to have Kareo Clinical to use Kareo Telemedicine. You just need to have access to the Kareo web platform, which you already have through association with ML Billing.
  • You would need a webcam enabled laptop, a webcam device for PC, or mobile device cam to support the video component.
  • You would submit your charges directly to ML billing as part of the Telemedicine workflow here’s a video that runs through the whole workflow: 
    • When you submit the charges in that last step, that will automatically send a draft encounter to your billing team at ML.

Charge Capture

Kareo Engage

Kareo Engage enables a paperless workflow so your patients can complete intake electronically and reduce your staff contact with paper forms. This includes patient demographics, financials, insurance information, consent and other office forms as well as previous medical history.

  • eIntakefor electronic patient intake workflow

We will continue to share information as the days progress and information evolves.

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