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How to market to millennial patients

October 3, 2019

Millennials have a completely different set of expectations than prior generations when it comes to engaging with the world around them. They are the digital natives and, as such, are used to interacting with their social networks, accessing services, and having the world’s knowledge all at their fingertips.

Healthcare spending represents 17.9 percent of America’s gross domestic product, but the healthcare industry is still in its digital infancy. Unlike most service industries, healthcare providers are still working with 1990s technology: the phone and the fax machine. While many practices have attractive websites, they haven’t invested in the same convenience tools as other industries.

Think about it: Millennials are used to booking flights, hotel rooms, hair appointments, and ordering takeout at any time of day or night from the convenience of their smartphones. But when it comes to making a doctor’s appointment, patients typically have to make a phone call during business hours and wait on hold for prolonged periods of time. Millennials expect good experiences when interacting with any service provider. A reasonably functioning website is not enough to create that experience. Primary care practices have to offer millennials access and convenience, too

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