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How to implement telemedicine into your practice during COVID-19

March 13, 2020

As COVID-19 is now a priority and worldwide concern, we at ML Billing/Coronis Health are monitoring the situation carefully. We have identified internal measures to ensure our infrastructure will be capable of continuously providing your daily revenue cycle management.  However, as the concern continues to grow for the safety of your staff as well as your patients maintaining a face to face interaction, we have compiled an up to date resource on providing telemedicine.  These resources and tips will be updated as we receive new information from payor websites, the CDC, the WHO and national clinical organizations.

First, we recommend your medical staff and clinicians consult with their national organizations to ensure the licensure guidelines for telemedicine.  As the need for telemedicine grows, the national organizations will be addressing the requirements for each specific discipline.

Second, if you are wishing to move to more virtual care in lieu of reducing face to face interactions, here are some helpful tips and resources to begin your planning.  As always we at ML Billing/Coronis Health are a resource and are here to help your practice navigate this unique time in healthcare.

  1. Review your state specific laws. Below is a link to navigate your state and the laws related to telemedicine.
  2. Ensure your staff has a HIPAA complaint system to provide telemedicine.
    1. Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts all provide a HIPAA compliant component. We recommend you research with your specific provider rep to ensure your organizations compliance.
    2. TriMed currently offering the platform for FREE:
    3. Kareo Telemedicine for $7
  3. Checking eligibility and verification that the patient plan is approved for telemedicine services as well if an authorization is required for the service.
  4. Review Medicare approved Telemedicine codes
  5. When billing, POS code à 02
  6. Modifiers to be used in conjunction with your codes. ML Billing/Coronis Health will scrub your telemedicine claims for appropriate modifiers as well.
    1. G0 (zero): Telehealth Services For Diagnosis, Evaluation, Or Treatment, Of Symptoms Of An Acute Stroke
    2. GQ: Via asynchronous telecommunications system
    3. GT: Via interactive audio and video telecommunication systems

Third, continue to be diligent in reviewing memos and information released from your payors.  Please share this information as you receive it with your account managers.  At ML Billing/Coronis Health we are continuously reviewing payor websites for up to date information as well as reviewing the National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers.   This resource is specific to telemedicine/telehealth and has broken resources down to both national and regional detail.  The individual regions are hosting webinars daily as they are working on toolkits for COVID-19.  Here is the link to find out more information about your state and when webinars specific to you will be live:

Payor Resources

We will continue to share information as the days progress and information evolves.

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