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Helping families of NICU patients navigate insurance

August 8, 2019

Having a child in the NICU is understandably an emotionally trying time. For many families, the stress doesn’t stop there. The NICU billing process is a delicate balance between the provider, hospital and payor, leaving the family often confused and frustrated. In this post, we’ll provide 6 ways to improve your customer service related to insurance and alleviate the family’s burden.

Insurance can be daunting and difficult for the client to understand.  Practices are left with the responsibility of not only collecting the patient portion but also educating families on their insurance. It can be a tricky balancing act to maintain good relationships while collecting in a timely manner. Taking the time to put processes in place at every step of the revenue cycle will ensure success.

Here are 6 key ways to improve your customer service related to insurance:

  1. Have clear and honest communication with clients about financing options up front and your company’s policies on financing.
  2. Provide initial communication on how the family will be able to access a bill and to understand the billing period.
  3. Provide education around eligibility checks.
  4. Encourage the members to also reach out to their insurance company to fully understand their eligibility.
  5. Provide a patient portal for the parents to easily check visit numbers as well as access to their bill.
  6. Provide ease of access for families to access bill and easily pay online, along with setting up a payment plan.

Putting these processes into action will ensure not only success for your practice but will provide your patients with a positive experience. If patient collections are a challenge for your practice, Coronis is here to help.

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