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Helpful Topics for Marketing Medical Practices in 2021

April 9, 2021

Medical Practices MarketingWhen it comes to marketing your clinic or other medical practice, you already know you need an active website and social media pages. But how do you keep those pages relevant without running out of content ideas? Here are a few ideas of what medical practices should be blogging about on their websites in 2021.

Current Health Standards and Guidelines

The speed at which new health guidelines are changing these days is incredible. One way to keep patients in the loop is by blogging current health standards. Cite reputable sources like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Pediatric Association, American Medical Association (AMA), and others that make sense for the topic you’re covering and your particular medical niche. Not only does blogging about topics like these help spread the word about these changes, but it can also build credibility for your practice by providing useful and important information from reliable sources to your patients.

Frequently Asked Medical Questions

Patients are always going to have questions. Often, you’ll notice the same ones come up time and again. A simple way to help spread the word and ensure those you care for have the right answers is to post blogs on your website with the answers they’re looking for. This provides an added level of trust, peace of mind, and gives them the information they need before they even come to your office for an appointment. From a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, it can also attract new patients looking for answers to a specific ailment.

Staff Information and Bios

You already know that your staff is the heart of what happens at your medical practice. Help keep patients in the know about who they are, what they’ve achieved, and what makes them special by blogging about it on your website. Add photos of new hires, celebrate employment anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or whatever else of interest. This brings a human element to your medical office and gives patients something to congratulate your staff about. And it is a great way to let your employees know you care and that they are really part of a work family that recognizes their accomplishments.

Good News

With so much bad happening around the world, you can always add good news to your medical practice website and social media pages. While we wouldn’t recommend posting all the time about it, special interest posts about those in your community around the globe making a difference in people’s lives brings hope and happiness to your patients. Plus, they always say that laughter is the best medicine, so don’t be afraid to post a few silly or corny jokes to your website on occasion to give your patients that added little chuckle they need to get through the day.

Treatment Options and Techniques

It is important to remember that your website is an extension of your business operations. Think of it as a sales person or representative of your organization. If you have a specialized medical practice, you can use your blog to explain various benefit options. This can include pros, cons, what to expect, and so much more. By having this information up on your page ahead of time, you can set yourself apart from other competitors in your local area and improve your position on Google. And, like other blog topics, this definitely builds trust with your patients.

Office Policies

Keeping your patients up-to-date about particular office policies and guidelines is important. One easy way to do this is by adding them to your website and blog. Whether this is a change in a cancellation procedure, medical records requests, or even billing, the process of publicly posting this information is a good way to spread the word that things are changing. It also makes it easy for staff to direct patients who have inquiries about the changes to the website for further information. Remember, your blog is your way to communicate with the public, so posting important announcements is always a good idea.

Community Involvement

As a medical practice, there’s a good chance that you’re highly involved with the community around your location. Whether you sponsor a youth sports team or are attending a special event, it is always a good idea to post this information to your blog. Some larger medical offices even host charitable events and community days where staff members take turns raising money for specific organizations, building houses, or feeding the local hungry. Add photos, explain why the cause matters so much to you, and profess your support. Your patients will see this and enjoy hearing what their healthcare provider is doing.

Preventative Care

Healthy living is always important. Use your blog to educate patients on the value of preventative care. Include diet tips, wellness guidance, and even cleanliness or parenting best practices. Depending on your particular niche, there could be a ton of information to blog about that is both informative and interesting to your patients. Best of all, it also gives those surfing the internet who might not live close to your office the ability to learn how to live better and improve their lives. If you’re constantly running out of things to blog about in 2021, this is a good way to fill up your editorial calendar.

Holiday and Seasonal Topics

The change of the calendar also means more topics to add to your medical practice blog. Holiday safety tips, seasonal wellness guides, and more are all great themes to write about. Think Halloween safety guides for children, how to avoid the flu, or proper food preparation guidelines around Thanksgiving. This all makes for evergreen content that can be useful for many years to come.

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