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Getting Up-to-Speed on Deleted CPT Codes for 2019

October 23, 2018

Deleted CPT Code for 2019

Even if you’ve educated yourself on the new CPT codes for 2019, it’s just as important to familiarize yourself with codes that have been deleted for the coming year. If your practice accidentally uses deleted CPT codes, you’ll find yourself with a lot of unnecessary denials. To help you keep deleted codes off your claims, here’s a look at some of the significant deletions you need to know about in 2019. 

Dermatology Coding: Biopsy Code Deletions 

While you may have used codes 11100 and 11101 to report subcutaneous tissue, mucous membrane, and skin biopsies in 2018, these two codes have been deleted. You’ll need to choose the appropriate code from 11102 to 11107, which lets you provide specific information on the type of biopsy, such as incisional, tangential (curette, scoop, shave, saucerize), or punch.  

Radiology Coding: Breast MRI Code Deletions 

For the coming year, codes 77058 and 77059 for breast MRIs are being eliminated. They’re being replacing by some new codes: 777046 to 77049. If no contrast material is used, then you’ll be able to use one of the first two codes. When a breast MRI is done without and along with contrast, you’ll use one of the final two codes. As with the previously used 2018 codes, these codes differ based on whether the MRI is bilateral or unilateral. 

Orthopedic Coding: Knee Arthrography Injection Code Deletion 

Since the knee arthrography injection code, code 27370, has been misused so often, it’s now being deleted for 2019. In the past, it’s frequently been reported incorrectly as aspiration or arthrocentesis. Although a new cross code hasn’t specified yet, the code 27369 has been added to report contrast enhanced MRI/CT knee arthrography or injection procedure for contrast knee arthrography.   

Cardiology Coding: Cardiac Event Recorder Codes Deleted

The patient-activated cardiac event recorder codes, including 33282 for implant and 33284 for removal, will be deleted for the coming year. The new 2019 codes include 33285 for insertion and programming along with code 33286 for the removal of the recorder. The terminology “cardiac rhythm monitor” will be used for these new codes. 

Ophthalmology Coding: Deletion of the Single Electroretinography Code 

The code 92275, which was previously the only code for electroretinography, is being deleted as well. Three new codes you’ll need to know are coming in its place. The code 922273 will be used for full field, Category III code 0509T will be used for pattern, and 92274 is for multifocal electroretinography. 

Lab Coding: BRCA1 and BRCA2 Code Deletions 

For pathology and laboratory coders, it’s important to be aware of the deletion of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene analysis codes. Codes 81211, 81213, and 81214 are all being deleted with the update of BRCA1 and BRCA2 codes. Revisions of codes 81212, 81162, and 81215-81217 have been made for 2019 as well. New codes have also been added as well, including codes 81163-81167. 

Gastroenterology Coding: Gastrostomy Tube Placement Code Deleted 

The gastrostomy tube placement code 43760 has been deleted. However, a new code, CPT code 43762, was added to report the percutaneous gastrostomy tube placement that includes removal without endoscopic or imaging guidance and no requiring the revision of gastrostomy tract. You can use the CPT code 43763 if the placement does require the revision of the gastrostomy tract. 

Fine Needle Aspiration Code Deletion 

If you regularly code for fine needle aspirations along with imaging guidance, you’ve probably memorized the code 10022. However, this code has been deleted for 2019. For 2019, you’ll need to use codes 1005-10012. These codes now specific the specific type of imaging guidance that is used for fine needle aspiration. 

Every year comes with new changes, and to keep revenue flowing for your practice, it’s essential to stay on top of code deletions, revisions, and additions. It can be a lot to handle, particularly for specialty practices. If you’re worried about the complexities and changes that come with medical coding, it may be time to think about outsourcing. Outsourcing your medical coding offers many benefits, including reduced denials and improved revenue for your medical practice. M-Scribe offers medical coding services to practices across the country. Contact M-Scribe today to find out about how we can help your practice.


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