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Futurist: Tech revolution in healthcare requires systemic change

October 3, 2019

The proliferation of “fast, cheap and out-of-control” technologies will revolutionize healthcare … but only if the industry undergoes systemic change and values effectiveness over billing, futurist Joe Flower writes at Hospital and Health Networks Daily.

“The use and propagation of these new, low-cost technologies are entirely wrapped up in [new reimbursement models.] In old-fashioned fee-for-service systems, they will be used only where their use can be billed for, or where they lower the internal costs of something that can be billed for. They will not be used to replace existing services that can be billed at higher rates,” he says.

Traditionally, health systems adopt expensive technology on the premise that it might improve care, but still have to pay for it–even if later research shows it doesn’t.

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