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January 17, 2019

Coding is challenging regardless of specialty and pathology is no different. Many groups fail to review coding or question why specific codes have been assigned. It’s not good enough to rely on what a hospital anatomic pathology lab technician or histotech or even a pathologists says is the “right coding” on any given AP case.  Why?  Two reasons:  people make mistakes; compliance.

Strong RCM companies represent the backstop for busy AP lab professionals who forget codes, miss units, and mistakenly under-code a case (the most common error vs over-coding by mistake).  The best RCM providers and internal billing processes include a rigorous AP case review process that does NOT assume what has been sent from upstream processes is correct.  The best always have a comprehensive, deep-dive process that reviews all cases — not just samples them — to make sure that the coding matches the documentation and vice-versa.  Moreover, it is the strongest processes that also become not just a backstop for errors but an integrated compliance program in one of the areas of greatest compliance exposure for a pathology practice.

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