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Major Jump in Job Growth: Big Boon for Hospitals?

Whenever historians want to categorize a ruler as particularly impactful, they will sometimes bestow a title that includes the word “great.” Cyrus the Great, Peter the Great and Catherine the Great come to mind. But certain eras or events have also been characterized with this same descriptor: the Great Migration, the Great War, the Great […]

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New Final Rule from CMS: Improving Interoperability and Prior Authorization

The wheels never stop. The gears of government are always turning—churning out new rules for the rest of us to live by. Final rules are never final, and the last word is never spoken because there is always something more to say. The latest final rule addressed below provides a case in point. It acts […]

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Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions: The Year in Review

Financial activity within the hospital sector started showing new signs of life beginning in 2022 with the waning of the pandemic across much of the United States. That activity became more palpable in 2023 as the public health emergency (PHE) came to an official end. This is the assessment reached by researchers at Kaufman Hall […]

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Gone Phishing: Medical Group Penalized in Wake of Cyberattack

You’ve seen the old signs: “Out to lunch” or “Gone fishing.” Such messages placed conspicuously in front of small businesses may have been commonplace in the low-tech days of the last century, but these phrases now serve as a descriptor of either laziness or craziness. At the very least, careless disregard may be the modern-day […]

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