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Spring 2024

Coding Conundrum for Labor Epidurals

BY KELLY DENNIS, MBA, ACS-AN, CANPC, CHCA, CPMA, CPC, CPC-I, Perfect Office Solutions, Inc., Leesburg, FL Coders often struggle with new or unique scenarios when it comes to reporting labor epidural services. It is important to communicate with your coders and billers to ensure compliant billing. For example, the following questions recently came through my […]

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Sure, Dr. Chuck Was a Creep, But Did He Kill Your Facility Agreement . . . or Worse?

BY MARK F. WEISS, JD, The Mark F. Weiss Law Firm, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA Staffing pressure, the inability to recruit and retain, is like a virus, infecting medical groups of many sorts and nearly all sizes.  Perhaps that’s why the “Somewhere Group,” an amalgam of hospital-based groups with a pretend […]

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Mastering the Hybrid Workflow: A Symphony of Communication, Performance and Inclusivity

BY KAI WILLIAMS, MHRM, Chief Human Resources Officer, Coronis Health, Dallas, TX The healthcare world is changing fast, and successful teams need to adapt. That means mastering the art of working together seamlessly, whether you’re in the office, at home or somewhere in between. This guide is your roadmap to building a high-performing team in […]

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Another Transparency Obligation: The FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirements

BY KATHRYN HICKNER, ESQ., Brennan, Manna & Diamond, LLC, Cleveland, OH Many physician practices and healthcare businesses are facing a new set of federal transparency requirements that require action now. The U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirements (the Rule), which was promulgated pursuant to the 2021 bipartisan […]

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Enhancing Anesthesiology Practices: The Benefits of AnesthesiaGo

BY MICHAEL BRONSON, MD, Mission Viejo Anesthesia Consultants, Inc., Mission Viejo, CA In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. For anesthesiologists tasked with creating and managing complex schedules, coordinating patient care and ensuring safety during surgeries, every minute counts. Enter AnesthesiaGo—a revolutionary software solution designed to streamline and optimize anesthesiology practices. […]

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Five Key Anesthesia Metrics

BY JODY LOCKE, MA, Vice President of Anesthesia and Pain Practice Management Services, Anesthesia Division, Coronis Health, Jackson, MI Five years in, the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still present in our industry. Ever since the second quarter of 2021—when surgical case volume dropped precipitously—most anesthesia providers have been asking the same two […]

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Pandemic in the Rear View and a Manpower Shortage Ahead

BY TONY MIRA, Interim CEO, Coronis Health, Jackson, MI As we compile the articles for our quarterly newsletter, Communiqué, we try to identify the most significant trends affecting our clients and the specialty of anesthesia. The good news is that the pandemic is now disappearing in the rearview mirror. The bad news is that the national […]

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Anesthesia Stipend Requests in Today’s Environment

BY DAVID J. PLATT, MPA, Senior Vice President, Anesthesia Division, Coronis Health, LLC, Everett, WA  Anesthesia provider shortages have been commonplace across health systems since the turn of the century, resulting from fewer anesthesia residency graduates and increased demand for surgeries, especially in the outpatient setting. In turn, we saw a surge in hospitals providing […]

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