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Accounts Receivable

Choosing the Right Outsourcing Service: 5 Questions to Ask

When you decide to outsource your medical billing, you need to do your research to ensure that you connect with the right company for your facility’s needs, such as claim processing, offered services, staff training, AR management, and analytic reports. When you find the right billing company, all of these needs – and more – […]

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Complexity of RCM Leads Practices to Outsource

Your facility’s financial success is attributed to multiple factors, with revenue cycle management at the top of the list. From collecting payments at the front desk to handling your AR, managing the complexities of the revenue cycle should not be stressful or taxing on your staffing. Coronis Health provides the specialized solutions for outsourcing your […]

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5 Benefits of Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare

The revenue cycle begins with the scheduling of an appointment and ends with the payment collected for services rendered. It sounds simple, but there are crucial steps in between that if not performed accurately, may delay payments. And with coding errors, data duplication, or missing information, you may lose revenue that your facility depends on […]

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Coronis Health Implementing New CHART Payment Model for Rural Healthcare Facilities

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation is launching a new payment model that aims to give a boost to Americans’ access to quality rural healthcare and telehealth services and to shift U.S. healthcare providers toward more value-based payments. Specifically, the agency announced on August 11 that the new Community Health Access and […]

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Co-Sourcing Your CHC Billing Department – Have Your Revenue Cake and Keep Your Staff Too

Making the move to an outside vendor for your community health center’s (CHC’s) billing needs can be a difficult decision. CHCs are truly the hearts of the communities which they serve. Not only do they provide quality healthcare to underserved populations, they provide much-needed employment opportunities as well. Many CHCs take great pride in providing […]

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Secrets for Winning the A/R Battle at Your CHC

At month’s close, Community Health Center (CHC) executives across the country brace themselves as they review the status of their accounts receivable (AR). Dollars owed to the center for services provided, sitting there, just out of reach. Some may meet with billing staff in an effort to get those claims approved; others may just sigh […]

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Revenue Cycle Numbers: Day in Accounts Receivable (DAR)

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI), simply put, is a performance measurement. KPIs evaluate the success of a particular activity, in this case, the success of a center’s revenue cycle operations. Success is generally defined as the achievement of some measure of a finite goal. However, success can also be defined in terms of making progress […]

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Numbers Don’t Lie: FQHC Key Performance Indicators

Reimbursement in the community health center (CHC) world has changed drastically over the program’s last 40 years. Gone are the grant dependent entities of the past. Today’s CHC must constantly navigate the stormy waters of the health care world in an effort to remain fiscally solvent. There is ever increasing pressure on health centers to […]

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Elements of an Effective Payment Plan

Whether it’s the complexities in payment methodology, increase focus on outcomes, or the attention on health information technology, there is another common challenge among healthcare organizations; i.e.,  the growth in patient responsible balances.  With the uninsured, underinsured, and high deductible health plans, this is a growing issue in the community health center world.   One tool […]

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