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Build Medical Practice Brand Through Social Media Marketing

October 26, 2017


Connecting with patients on social media allows you to engage, educate and forge a lasting connection with them, sometimes long before they need your help at all. When you connect on channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you become a regular, trusted presence in your prospective patients’ lives; when they have a need, they know where to turn.

Knowing you need a presence is just the beginning. What you post and how you engage with prospective patients will have a big impact on your success. Provide the right content at the right time and you should see steady growth over time, making it easy for you to reach people right in your own community. Regular attention to your social media campaigns also makes it easier than ever to connect with your local community and take a place as a trusted authority brand. When you post to your own local prospects, they see you as someone close at hand, not some anonymous brand on the Internet. Here are 3 ways social media can establish your brand and help you grow your medical practice.

Educate Current and Future Patients

Providing a steady stream of educational and informative content allows you to easily position yourself and your practice as the experts you are. You do not have to create everything yourself. Sharing authoritative content from other sites that are not your competitors still informs your patients and helps position you as somewhere to turn for help when they need it.

Share information that is easily understood and that helps explain the type of work you do, procedures you offer and that answers the most commonly asked patient questions. Your own content from your blog, posts and consumer friendly information from national organizations and groups and other interesting content can be shared regularly to help inform your patients and keep them in the know.

You’ll end up with more savvy patients who know where to go when they have a question or need—right to you.

Promote your Initiatives and Practice

In addition to offering a steady stream of relevant and useful content about the conditions, populations and areas you treat, social media is an ideal place to promote your own initiatives and practice.

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Create ads or images sharing that you are looking for new patients, share the news about your latest achievements or even promote community sponsored events you take part in. If you help raise awareness about proper brushing habits for school kids, then a photo of your visit to the local 3rd grade classroom can be used across all your social channels. Hosting or participating in a blood drive, awareness campaign or safety/wellness screening? These details can be promoted on your social pages as well.

Sharing the news about your actions, initiatives and work lets prospective patients know you are actively at work to make their lives better and that you are looking out for them. These posts can help trigger a phone call or prompt an online appointment when a patient is in need.

Join the Conversation

Your group or posts should not be all about you. Share community news and images of events you participate in and join local groups to participate in the conversation. You’ll be more accessible and reachable to those right in your target audience.

You don’t need to take on an overwhelming schedule or hire a social media specialist unless you want to. Free programs like Moz and Hootsuite make it easy to schedule all your posts in advance in a relatively short period of time. Once you are posting consistently, you’ll begin to see a steady flow of followers and patients who connect with you online and eventually, make it into the office.

To know more about how M-Scribe can help you grow your brand in your local area please download this step by step guide and call us at 770-666-0470.


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