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Big List of upcoming ICD-10 training events

April 29, 2013



We all know by now that ICD-10 is a more detailed and accurate coding system than the ICD-9. It has been in use throughout Europe since 1994 and in Canada since 2000. Beginning on Oct. 1, 2015, The US Department of Health and Human Services has mandated that ICD-9-CM be replaced by ICD-10-CM.

It is essential for administrators and professional staff to participate in ICD-10 training. Medical coders and medical billers must use this new coding when reporting diagnoses and procedures. Individuals and organizations must become proficient before the imminent implementation.

AAPC Boot camp style ICD-10 training is available throughout the United States until Dec, 2015.

AAPC ICD-10 Training Schedules

Date State/Region City
8/13/2015 Kansas Wichita
8/13/2015 Florida Miami
8/13/2015 Illinois Springfield
8/13/2015 Alabama Birmingham
8/13/2015 Tennessee Nashville
8/20/2015 Louisiana Baton Rouge
8/20/2015 Massachusetts Boston
8/20/2015 Idaho Boise
8/20/2015 Florida Tampa
8/27/2015 Texas Houston
8/27/2015 North Carolina Charlotte
8/27/2015 Colorado Denver
8/27/2015 California Orange County
8/27/2015 Wisconsin Greenbay
9/3/2015 Florida Jacksonville
9/3/2015 New York Manhattan
9/3/2015 Arkansas Little Rock
9/3/2015 Minnesota Minneapolis
9/3/2015 Mississippi Jackson
9/10/2015 Rhode Island Providence
9/10/2015 Pennsylvania Philadelphia
9/10/2015 Indiana Indianapolis
9/10/2015 Oregon Portland
9/10/2015 Vermont Burlington
9/10/2015 Arizona Phoenix
9/17/2015 California San Francisco
9/17/2015 Washington Seattle
9/17/2015 Florida Orlando
9/17/2015 Hawaii Honolulu
9/24/2015 California San Diego
9/24/2015 Nebraska Omaha
9/24/2015 Utah Salt Lake City
9/24/2015 Ohio Cincinnatti
9/24/2015 New Mexico Albuquerque
10/1/2015 Arizona Phoenix
10/1/2015 Texas Dallas/Ft Worth
10/1/2015 Massachusetts Boston
10/1/2015 New Jersey Newark
10/1/2015 California Long Beach
10/8/2015 Ohio Cleveland
10/15/2015 Missouri Kansas City
10/22/2015 Virginia Virginia Beach
10/29/2015 South Carolina Columbia
11/5/2015 California Orange County
11/12/2015 New York Manhattan
11/19/2015 Georgia Atlanta
12/3/2015 Texas Houston
12/10/2015 Pennsylvania Philadelphia

For More information about any of these events please visit AAPC website.

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