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Best Practices To Addressing Patient Responsibility

July 10, 2019


In order to provide quality medical care, I’ts important to have a streamline system for patients to follow. Why? Every piece of information that is provided by patients; from the time they call to make their first appointment, to the time they check out – Is vital to the financial health of your practice, hospital. or organization.     

There are 7 best practices to addresses patient responsibility.

1. Patient Calls For a New Appointment

At this time, it’s imperative to collect not just your patient’s demographics, but also their insurance information so that you can ascertain their benefits before the appointment.

2. Reminder Phone Call

When you contact your patient  to remind them of their appointment, go over your payment policies and their co-pay. Patient’s should know going into an appointment or procedure what their responsibility is.

3. Patient Check In

When your patient arrives at your office for their appointment, staff should verify all of  their insurance and demographic information as we as remind the patient of their co-pay and deductible (if they have not met it yet).

4. Benefit Verification

Take the time to check the patient’s deductible right before the visit especially if it is the first half of the year.

5. Financial Policy

Have staff explain the financial policy to the patient and have them sign the document.

6. Your Waiting Room

It’s a good idea to post signage in your waiting area that states key points of your financial policy in a short concise format to reinforce your message

7. Patient Check-Out

Before your patient leaves your office, you will want to determine what their balance is and if they are unable to pay the full amount, set up a payment plan  or credit card on file before they leave.

If patient collections are a concern for your practice, contact Coronis to learn how we can help improve your revenue cycle.


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